Wow, doesn’t that cereal look tasty… wait… those are Lego swimming in turpentine. I’ll pass thank you.

Australian photographer T.Q. Lee likes to recreate his favorite dishes using non-edible items for his appropriately named series, “Inedible”. Lee told Mashable that, “[The] series is both a fun visual pun and a comment on the artificial nature of convenience food.” He used a variety of unusual and sometimes thought-provoking ingredients to make his dishes, including tire rubber, Lego bricks, hazardous chemicals, sponges and, yes, even his own urine. The photos are meant to mimic the kinds of food pics that pop up on billboards and on Instagram daily. “There certainly appears to be a growing objectification even fetishism surrounding food — the idea of shooting before you eat, has become almost a custom,” said Lee.

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Making ice cream the old-fashioned way is great, but it’s not particularly fun. Thankfully, it looks like Hammacher Schlemmer has come up with an entertaining and innovative way for the whole family to make ice cream together while also getting a bit of exercise. The $35 Kickball Ice Cream Maker is… well, a kickball that makes ice cream.

Once you put all of your ingredients inside the “ice chamber,” it only takes 20 minutes of play-time to make a pint. Sounds good to me, but just make sure that’s 20 minutes of “no messing around, let’s kick butt and rule the playground” kickball, because otherwise, I think it might take a lot longer to churn out that tasty ice cream.

(Cnet via Gizmodo)


No need to worry about having enough chairs, or room on your grill when you have “America’s Finest Grill” at your service. First off, the grill is very patriotic with its George Washington riding an eagle while holding a hot dog graphic and its Mount Rushmore condiment dispenser. It’s also ridiculously huge. And did I mention its Bluetooth wireless sound system? Because there’s that, too.

It has a built-in table to seat 8 of your friends and 2 beer kegs along with 1600 feet of grilling space. Grill masters get a double-wide grill with 7 burners and 114,000 BTUs that can take on nearly 100 hot dogs at one time. The project is a joint effort between Ball Park, Patrick Norton and Discovery Communications and is part of promoting Ball Park’s new Park’s Finest hot dogs.

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Here’s a creative and likely very expensive way to bring unique design your kitchen. Robert Kolenik has designed this kitchen island to be a huge saltwater aquarium. It is an absolutely gorgeous centerpiece with a countertop workspace, cabinet storage on one side, a sink, and even working burners for cooking.

As brilliant as it looks, the real trick is in how to access the tank to keep it clean as well as accessing the pipes and hoses for the sink and burners. The problem is solved by pushing a button that activates a contraption that lifts the entire countertop right off of the tank.

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Morning coffee is usually a suitable pick me up on its own, but sometimes you need an extra kick to get through the day. That’s where this Extra Shot Coffee Mug comes into play. The mug comes with a “leatherette” belt and a miniature flask that you can use to make your coffee more interesting.

Product Page ($14.99 via Geek Alerts)


First, there was duct tape in plain, boring silver. It adorned countless broken things and held together many a car past its prime. It didn’t take long for things to get fancy with patterned duct tape that featured everything from jelly beans to skateboards, and now you can even get the stuff scented. Duck Tape Scents are a new line of tapes that smell like grape, mint, and even cupcakes. You’ll be hungry before you even start to fix your next broken tail light.

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soot sprite cake pops 1

Soot sprites are cute little creatures that appear in a couple of Studio Ghibli films; you can spot them in Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro. Food Fiction came up with a way to translate the sprites to cookie pops, and they couldn’t be more perfect. It requires chocolate sandwich cookies, candy melts, Tootsie Rolls, and a handful of other supplies. The process looks a touch time consuming but just look at the results! I want to turn everything into cookie pops now.

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Isao Machii is one of the most gifted swordsmen in the world. The man’s reflexes are so lightning quick that he can actually slice a speeding BB gun pellet right in half with his sword. However, he recently tried his hand at being a Fruit Ninja.

Machii, who’s also the current Guinness World Record holder for a whole mess of sword records, competed in a Fruit Ninja challenge here in Los Angeles. He diced up a wide range of fruit, and let me just say that I’m so very happy that I’m not a banana.

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peanut butter pretzel ice cream cake

If you could capture the idea of heaven in food, I’m pretty sure it would look like this peanut butter and pretzel ice cream cake. Instructables user thekites posted this gorgeous dessert, and it’s made with two boxes of brownie mix, cream cheese, Reese’s Cup minis, and several more sugary ingredients. The ice cream portion isn’t technically ice cream from the carton, but it’s close enough to count. The recipe looks easy enough, and it’s definitely the kind of dessert that deserves to be shown off at a cookout or family gathering.

Get the full recipe at Instructables.


These little tools are designed to imprint Hello Kitty’s face onto the mini hot dogs found in Bento boxes. The set has one tool with just her face and another that is her face with a heart. You also get matching Hello Kitty toothpicks.

How we’ve all lived so long without this product is beyond me.

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