While fishing on Wisconsin’s Wolf River, Andy Holst snagged what turned out to be a rusted, empty six-pack of Budweiser.

The cans advertised new “peel off tops” which indicated that they landed at the bottom of the river sometime in ’60s. Adam and his “buds” took some photos and posted them on Anheuser-Busch’s Facebook page, which prompted a quick response from the company which stated:

That’s quite the catch, Adam. Our best guess is that those cans were made between 1963-1964.

Adam now hopes to mount the cans along with a prized large fish like a Smallmouth Bass, should he manage to catch one.

(Grim Outdoors via Buzzfeed)


KFC is taking it’s “finger lickin’ good” slogan to the absolute limit with a line of edible nail polish in Hong Kong.

They teamed up with ad agency Ogilvy & Mather and McCormick (the company that provides their 11 secret herbs and spices) to translate their Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy flavors for your fingernails.

At this point you might be asking “is there a weird video for this campaign?”.

You bet your ass their is…

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A tiki bar is opening up in Mos Eisley and, by the looks of these mugs, they’re going to give the Cantina a run for their money.

Strangely enough, rogues LOVE umbrellas in fruity drinks.

Take a closer look below.

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Untitled-3-1I can’t believe that it took five seasons for Epic Rap Battles of History to finally pit J.R.R. Tolkien against George R.R. Martin—but here we are.

It was worth the wait.

Check out the video, as well as some behind-the-scenes stuff, on Nerd Approved


New York’s El Original says their 7-pound Seis De Mayo breakfast taco will handle any hangover Cinco De Mayo can throw at it.

Made with 12 eggs, 1 pound of potatoes, 1 pound of sausage, 1 pound of bacon, 1 pound of refried beans, 1 pound of mixed grilled onions and peppers, 8 oz. of pico de gallo, 8 oz. of salsa, 4 oz. of queso fresco and then topped with shredded cheese and even more bacon, this things manages to “fit” inside one 12-inch tortilla.

The Seis de Mayo costs $50 bucks, but I’m suggesting you share it with friends or you may find your hangover cured by your subsequent death by taco.

As the name suggests, the taco will be available starting tomorrow, May 6th, for all of your hangover-curing needs.

(via FoodBeast)

download-1-e1462306992883Fashion designer and costumer Hannah Barucky knows just how to make Firefly fans happy with these super cute dresses. Originally made as part of a student project, they walked the runway at Amazing Arizona Comic Con and you can definitely see that she’s got a feel for the ‘Verse.

Check out all of the designs on Fashionably Geek


Made from food grade stainless steel with “stay straight” prongs, the mini machine guns will make you feel like you’re firing a barrage of buttery kernels into your mouth.

They also come in a set of four should your cob war require backup.

M16 Corn Holders ($9.09 via Geekologie)


Going toe-to-toe with a Rancor will usually end up with you being eaten. Well, thanks to this Star Wars-themed cake by Ana Remigio with Cupcakes & Dreams Portugal, the tables have been turned—now it’s your turn to eat a Rancor! Sure, this Rancor is made from frosting and cake batter, but you get my point.

Check out more pics below.

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If you suffer from a gluten allergy, San Francisco-based startup 6SensorLabs may be able to help make your life easier with a new device called “Nima”.

Nima is touted as a discreet, portable testing device that can determine the gluten content of food simply by placing a tiny piece inside a disposable capsule and inserting it into Nima’s main sensor unit. Within a few minutes, the device will display either a smiley face, indicating gluten-free food, or a frowny face, signaling the presence of the protein.

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