gummy bear axe

Peter Brown likes to experiment with unusual materials in his maker projects. It just so happens that the Internet loves things that are unusual. The Internet also loves things that are stupid and dangerous. Whaddaya know? Building an axe handle out of gummy bears is a little bit of all three. See how the process unfolded in the video below. [click to continue…]

tim burton sale

To celebrate Tim Burton’s 58th birthday, ThinkGeek is running a big sale with up to 60% on over 50 “curious” items. Items that include everything from digital wizard hoodies to Flux Capacitor USB car chargers. Oddly, there aren’t any Burton-themed items on this list. No NBX teapots or Edward Scissorhands office supplies. Nothing. They do have an electronic cat tail though, which has a Halloween-y vibe I guess.

Hey, it’s a sale on nerdy stuff—I’ll take it. Make sure to grab your favorites before they sell out.


Later this month, you’ll be able to throw a Doctor Who party and serve up a little Cassandra Pizza to your friends with Weeping Angel Food Cake for dessert thanks to the Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook.

Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook: 40 Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Recipes includes recipes for all kinds of fun and delicious sounding things like Cyberman Pie, Supreme Dalek Cake, Ood Rolls, and Salt and Pepper Sontarans. I really want to know how you make Salt and Pepper Sontarans. Also, the Dalek cake looks delicious. Take a peek at what’s inside… [click to continue…]


With these Star Trek LCARS and Isolinear Chip Magnets you can access important data like grocery lists, “A” papers, and adorable / disturbing drawings of you as a redshirt on some distant planet with blood spouting out of your body in all directions. Helpfully, “Dad” was scribbled above with arrows pointing to the corpse just so there’s no confusion.

Product Pages: Star Trek Isolinear Chip Magnets / Star Trek LCARS Magnets ($9.99)

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This past Wednesday, a tornado touched down in Kokomo, Indiana, and promptly flattened a Starbucks. Though damage was extensive, the authorities didn’t report any injuries at the coffee shop. As you’ll see in the video below, that was a bona fide miracle. [click to continue…]


We are, as a species, making great strides in global pizza deployment. Domino’s has already unveiled a robotic pizza delivery tank and a specialized delivery vehicle. The Xavier University in Ohio even has a pizza vending machine to allow their (mutant?) students to get hot ‘n’ fresh pizza quickly. Now Domino’s in New Zealand has announced that they will soon be completing deliveries with flying drones, thanks to a partnership with drone-focused delivery firm Flirtey. They made their announcement by completing a test delivery of a piping hot pizza in Auckland using a drone built with the help of 3D printing. [click to continue…]


Perpetual Kid is giving you the opportunity to be perpetually hungry by illuminating your room with this Giant Ice Cream Cone Lamp.

For $80, you’ll have the privilege of staring at a 26″ x 11″ cone in vanilla, chocolate or strawberry colors. It’s warm, 7-watt glow will no doubt make your stomach rumble before whisking you away to candyland for a night of drool and pillow chewing. Check out additional pics below. [click to continue…]


For his latest stunt, daredevil Cemre Candar thought it would be a good idea to take a bath in a tub filled with the equivalent of 1,250 bottles of hot sauce. He was wrong.

As you’ll see in the video below, he went so far as to consume hot peppers and dunk his head in the mixture. The result was overwhelming misery. It’s like watching someone get pepper sprayed on Cops—if the entire show was dedicated to pepper spraying one guy. [click to continue…]


Until now, this anodized steel rainbow party cup was only available at frat parties hosted by magical beasts. For the first time ever, regular humans can experience its power.

Some say that you can’t lose a game of beer pong while using it. Others say that it makes everything you drink taste like cotton candy. Find out for yourself starting this fall.

Steel Rainbow Party Cup ($15.99)


Seems like this should be a coffee pot. But hey, the American Revolution was a long time ago. Forgive and forget I always say. Besides, there are so many nerdy teas and tea accessories out there right now.

Captain America Teapot ($29.99)