At first I thought I stumbled upon an awesome Batman night light, until I realized it was an even awesomer Batman cake topper! Each acrylic topper can be personalized and has an LED light (which can be turned on or off) and includes batteries. Seriously, who includes batteries anymore?

AcryLEDdesigns does and they have several nerdy themes to choose from including Frozen, Star Wars, Hello Kitty, Beauty and the Beast, and a rad looking pirate ship. You can also choose between a blue or green LED light and the display parts make for super easy assembly.

Check out all the designs after the break.

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cat measuring cups

Crank up your kitchen’s cute factor with these fun Meow for Measuring ceramic cups. I mean, what else do I have to say? They’re adorable as all get out. The cups have whiskers, for crying out loud. THE CUPS HAVE WHISKERS!

Product Page: ($34.99)


Whoever won this $1,500 ebay listing really has a thing for Jurassic Park. It included around 300 Nintendo game cartridges and assorted Jurassic Park stuff like a laser disc of the movie.

Just in time for the new Jurassic World (Jurassic Park) movie that is coming out, you can have your very own refrigerator full of Snes Jurassic Park carts!! There are just about 300 Jurassic Park carts including a handful of CIB copies and a PAL version CIB. I will also include the schlue of other Jurassic Park games: gameboy CIB, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Sega Saturn CIB copies. Also have a CIB Jurassic Park 2 and sealed JP 2 for snes that will be included. And a laser disk movie for kicks and giggles. Fridge and Bacardi not included

Not including the fridge and the bottle of Bacardi was a real dealbreaker for me.

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From the looks of Tym Bussanich’s Instagram account, the man is on a mission from God to create the ultimate gnarly fried snack. Case in point: this tater tot that’s stuffed with a cheeseburger that’s wrapped up in bacon.

In order to make the burger, Bussanich took cheesy tater tots and ground them up. Then he took a cheeseburger patty wrapped in bacon and “breaded” the meat with the tater tots before frying.

See it come together in the video after the break…

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I really love being able to show you guys adorable and hilarious products, and this super cute hamster cup-clinger is a perfect example. Part of the PUTITTO Hamster series, Kitan Club has made eight furry friends to hang out with you while you drink, and you know you should never drink alone.

There are eight different ham-hams each with a irresistible pose for the outside of your glass (two of them are even munching on apples!). And for about 300 yen (around $2.50) each, they’re cheap enough to collect the whole set.

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If Birthday Cake Waffles existed in the Parks and Rec universe, then I’m pretty sure Leslie Knope would eat ‘em every single day. Instagramer @PeepMySneaks recently whipped up some of these waffles and recorded the process.

He basically took some Funfetti cake mix, tossed in some eggs, water and oil and and mixed everything together. Then he poured the batter (which kinda looks like unicorn blood) onto a waffle iron. Top it off with ice cream and bam! Delicious birthday waffles!

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If you’re a zombie than obviously you noms brains. But if you’re still human, then why not eat food right out of this brain bowl? Etsy shop owner KatBones makes these hilarious non-toxic ceramic bowls which are dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe. And check out her listing of “materials”:

Materials: fingers, Matter, glaze, saliva, ceramics, clay, pottery clay

Just look at those wonderful memory wrinkles. These bowls perfect for Halloween, a Walking Dead party or achieving maximum weirdness when eating your cereal.

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If you recall that horrible commercial where stereotypical ’90s kids show extreme, radical enthusiasm for Sunny Delight, you’ll be happy to know that the company decided to revisit the concept with a 2015 update. As you’ll see after the jump, everyone’s older and the drink has a shorter name, but everything else is basically the same… the pastimes, the dependence on Mom – even the unidentifiable purple crap is still hanging out in the fridge.

Check out the original and the update after the jump.

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Amy of Oh Bite It figured out how to make Oreos even better. And yes, her method involves frying (of course!). Amy made doughnut holes with mini-Oreos stuffed inside. She also made a glaze from the cream inside Double-Stuf Oreos, and I have to say that the end result looks pretty enticing.

Head on over to Oh Bite It! for the full recipe.


Actor Chris Pratt had some fun promoting his upcoming appearance in GQ (along with Fireball Whiskey) by giving us all an acting lesson, while hilariously drunk. Apparently, whiskey (Fireball only) is what it takes to help you truly understand the imminent threat of being eaten alive by a dinosaur.

See Chris’s tweet and the NSFW (language) video after the break.

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