If you want an easy way to make a meal that would put pretty much anything you’ve seen on Instagram to shame, check out BurgaBox. As noted in my review, they sent me the best burger that I’ve ever had. It even won Rachael Ray’s The Battle of the Best Burger national competition.

If you want to give BurgaBox a try, pick out one of their feast kits and use the code “NERDALICIOUS” at checkout to save 15% off your first order.

The Unicorn Frappuccino has come and gone, but you can be pretty damn sure that it won’t be Starbucks last attempt to capitalize on Internet-fueled novelty sugar drinks. In fact, some Starbucks locations have made the best out of dwindling Unicorn Frapp ingredients by creating their own Dragon-themed versions. Apparently, they taste a lot better and are easier to make. [click to continue…]

ThinkGeek is staring their May 4th Star Wars sale a little early with 20-60% off over 150 popular items that include some of our favorite kitchen tools (like a lightsaber immersion blender and the Death Star popcorn maker). So head on over to ThinkGeek and grab your favorite items before they sell out!

Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva won over Japan last year with her adorable Sailor Moon routine, and now she’s brought it back for the World Team Trophy in Tokyo. This time, there’s a video of the entire performance. Watch it on Fashionably Geek

My mother used to say that someone that can kill a T-Rex and use its head as a lunchbox isn’t to be trifled with. So I would say that you should give any kid carrying this around a wide berth. [click to continue…]

There are many, many different Baby Groot-figures on the market, but you are looking at the ultimate life-size version. Not surprisingly, it comes from the masters at Hot Toys. See more on Nerd Approved

Hellen Die recently came across a silicone skull mold, and decided to use it as the basis of an elaborate cake project that is so detailed it looks like something you might trip over in a mysterious, ancient tomb. [click to continue…]


We’ve seen many variations on the pizza burger theme over the years, but I believe HellthyJunkFood is the first to cram a pizza inside a burger that has pizzas for buns. [click to continue…]

This tiny cup of coffee wouldn’t be much of an eye-opener, but I do appreciate the trouble that Lucas Zanotto went through for something so pointless. Watch the brew process below. [click to continue…]

Target is in the midst of giving more than 650 stores across the country a Mario Kart-themed makeover to promote the launch of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on April 28th for the Nintendo Switch. This includes Mario-themed bollards outside the store (much like they did with their Pokemon Go promotion), the anxiety-inducing countdown timer sound when you cross the entrance start line, and Mario Kart-style shopping carts—which I’m sure won’t be abused in any way. See more on Nerd Approved