I’d like to nominate German furniture designer Daniel Schlobloch for the Nobel Peace Prize because he’s figured out how to cut down Nutella-based violence.

Introducing the Nutella Lock.

The Nutella Lock is an acrylic lock you place over your precious Nutella jar. It comes with two keys, so you can grant access to a trusted individual for sharing or safekeeping. Of course, there may be an uptick in murder if it gets really bad one night and NEED that other key.

Not that I have a Nutella problem. Nope. Not me.

Sadly, he’s not currently shipping to the US, but if anyone wants to make me one, that would be awesome.

Product Page €9.99 (approx. $11 USD)

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triforce of pizza

The Triforce Of Pizza!

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This mug, aside from featuring cool images of everyone’s favorite Star Wars characters, also plays a number of sounds when lifted—including the hum of a lightsaber being turned on, R2-D2 beeping away and Chewbacca roaring. Yep, I think Chewbecca roaring would get me pumped for my first cup of joe in the morning.

Product Page (£11.95 or $18.41)

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The “Metal Gear Cafe” recently opened as a pop-up restaurant in Paris, featuring such menu items as “Le Big Boss Burger”, “Hot Diamond Dogs”, Phantom cocktails, and Mother Base-themed desserts. The cafe is filled with Metal Gear Solid memorabilia for sale, a playable arcade console, and it’s completely decked out in MGS decor.

The cafe is only open until the release of the new game on September 1st. I can’t help but wonder if the wait staff is trained to repeat your order as a question.

Check out all more photos from inside and outside the Metal Gear-themed cafe after the break.

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transforming cake

In another parenting win, Russell Munro built this transforming Optimus Prime cake for his son’s 6th birthday party. Do you see the overwhelming joy on his little face? I felt the same way watching the video the first time.

The transforming frame was 3D printed and then the cake and frosting were added to conceal the structure and motors.

Click below to watch the awesome robot-in-disguise-as-cake video and cheer along. There’s even a video of the mechanical structure being assembled. 

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wonder woman lunch box

Daniel and Sarah may think they’re decent parents, but it turns out they were exposing their daughter to horribly violent images and ideas by letting her carry a Wonder Woman lunchbox.

Luckily, their daughter’s school stepped in and put an end to that. They sent a note home with the OBVIOUS HOOLIGAN CHILD that clearly told them she can’t bring the hideous piece of warmongering propaganda pictured above back to school.

Clearly, Wonder Woman is a danger to children because she’s a superhero and superheroes are just false idols promoting violence.

Y’know, I’d be outraged about this, but I’m honestly too gobsmacked to even work up the energy to be mad.

Read the note and see another picture of the offending lunchbox after the break.

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pressure cooker fail

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If you thought Jake’s Bacon Pancakes song was an earworm before, wait until you hear this remix version from Jonathan Mann.

On the plus side, you’ll never forget the recipe. Check out the video after the break…

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Sushi for dessert? What if it’s shaped like a cake? With my current cooking skill set, I think layering sushi ingredients would be easier than rolling them up.

Using a bowl as a guide, take two sheets of nori paper and cut them into circles. Add the first layer of rice, then avocado, and last the sushi.  Finally stack both layers on top of each other to complete the cake. Then grab some spicy sauce and chopsticks and call your friend over. Or keep it for yourself, I won’t judge.

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international peace day mcwhopper

We all know that Burger King and McDonald’s have been bitter rivals for decades. The Big Mac vs. Whopper debate is just one of many in the battle known as the “Burger Wars”.

Surprisingly, Burger King extended an olive branch to their competitor and suggested they call a cease fire and work together to sell a McWhopper hybrid burger. It would be available for one-day-only in honor of Peace One Day, a nonprofit group that works to raise awareness of the International Day of Peace.

BK set up a fantastic website with the proposal at and took out full-page ads in both the New York Times and Chicago Tribune with an open letter to McDonald’s. Honestly, it’s pretty amazing and all McDonald’s would need to do is say “yes.”

Unfortunately, it turns out that giving peace with BK a chance isn’t what Mickey D’s had in mind.

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