January 23rd is National Pie Day in the US (Not to be confused with International Pi Day, which takes place on March 14th). I’m sure you had the day off from work for such a momentous holiday, so you’re free to engage in the traditional celebration of making a nerdy pie and eating it while playing video games (well that’s how it SHOULD be celebrated).

Jessica of Pies Are Awesome is here to help you out with a tutorial for a pixelated Mario pie that’s fairly easy to do if you have a pastry cutter handy. Watch it below. [click to continue…]

Famed South Korean chef Choi Hyun-seok just debuted a new cooking show with a WoW theme. The show, called Wow! Recipe? The Meal Is Ready, will create WoW-themed recipes and feature guest chefs who’ll cook and share their own WoW stories. It’s officially backed by Blizzard. [click to continue…]

Nostalgia Electrics have finally created a product that should have existed years ago: a toaster designed exclusively for bacon. [click to continue…]

After news of their existence spread like wildfire across the internet earlier this month, the Oreo Cadbury Eggs we have all been hoping for will inexplicably remain out of reach in the US. However, we aren’t leaving empty-handed. [click to continue…]

Honestly, looking at these it would be hard to tell between the screenshot and the actual dish if it weren’t for the dialogue box in the corner. Kudos to twitter user off_setsu for the remarkable attention to detail. [click to continue…]

A Not So Fond Farewell Cake

When your co-workers care enough to make a cake like this then you know it’s coming from a place of love. I mean, they didn’t just hastily scribble “you’re dead to us” on the cake with icing. No, they took the time to mold the letters and create a fancy decorative ring telling you to go away. I’m sure there will be tears in their eyes as they have security escort you out of the building.

(via Reddit)

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Japanese confectioner Mary’s has released a new line of chocolates dubbed “Tsuwamono” (a Japanese word meaning “warrior”) that pay tribute to three famous Japanese samurai. [click to continue…]

Worried about the robot uprising? There are plenty of impressive and slightly terrifying developments on that front but sh*tty robot queen Simone Giertz is here to put your mind at ease. Her latest project is a beer serving robot, and I can tell you right now that you had better like the taste of glass shards and blood should you ever step up to her bar of the future. See it in action in the video below (NSFW language). [click to continue…]

Pokemon Macarons: Pokarons?

The Mac Lab Bakery & Cafe in Duluth, Georgia specializes in macarons. Their offerings range from magical unicorn macarons to fun Pokarons. You can check out more pics of the latter below. [click to continue…]

Lucas Peterson of Lucky Peach has done us all a service by ranking Hostess snacks based not only on their taste, but how appropriate they would be as pet names.

The results are obviously subjective, but nonetheless they will surely serve as a vital resource for those who are wondering how their sweet tooth compares to that of others, or how accepting the public would be of a dog named “Ho Ho” or “Jumbo Honey Bun”.

(via Geekologie)

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