In case you haven’t heard, Hi-C Ecto Cooler is making a comeback as part of the festivities surrounding the new Ghostbusters film.

We got our hands on some promotional samples, and I’m happy to report that even though I haven’t had Ecto Cooler since sometime in the very early ’90s, the neon green color and syrupy sweet citrus flavor seem to be in line with my school lunch memories. Read more after the break…

cheese ball machine gun

If you attempt one DIY project in your life, make it a cheese ball machine gun. I can’t think of a better use of your time—or of cheese balls.

See how it was done in the video below. [click to continue…]


This isn’t the first time we’ve featured the work of Thai food artist Nawaporn Pax Piewpun aka Peaceloving Pax, but she’s been hard at work creating delightful rice ball superheroes, wizards, Pokemon and more.

This battle is going to make me hungry.

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The USDA has unveiled its new design for nutrition facts labels and, as you can see in the example above, there are some notable changes.

In addition to the size increase for calorie and serving size information, the new labels will include an “added sugars” section that requires manufacturers to separate natural sugars from those added during processing. Vitamin D and potassium will also be added, while requirements for Vitamins A and C information will be dropped due to the rarity of A and C deficiencies in the general population.

Details relating to Percent Daily Values will also be tweaked to read “The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.”

Food manufacturers will have to implement the changes by July 2018, while smaller manufacturers with less than $10 million in annual food sales will have until 2019.

(FDA via The Verge)

captain-america-civil-war-animeWhether you’ve asked yourself the question or not, we now have an idea of what Captain America: Civil War would look like as an anime—and now I want a dang Captain America: Civil War anime!

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OK, I’m never drinking coffee out of a cup again.

The Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg, South Africa has become Instagram famous for their speciality coffee beverage: a small latte served in a chocolate-coated ice cream cone.

Dayne Levinrad, the barista who came up with the idea for Coffee In A Cone, says that the drink is incredibly popular. So much so, that people come from across the world just to taste (and grab a photo of) the drink. Levinrad notes that the coffee-cone is one of the most popular beverages on Instagram, and the hashtag #coffeeinacone has popped up on over 1 million pics so far this year.

Photo Credit: Robert Harris

(CNN via Eater)


Millennials reportedly eat less cereal and prefer those stupid things that are not hoverboards to the physical exertion required for walking. Therefore, General Mills decided to reach out to the demographic (again) with an ad featuring a “Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cruiser”, which is basically a “hoverboard” equipped with a bowl-topped pedestal.

The video demonstration below contains disclaimers such as “not available to the public” and “professional rider do not attempt” that would normally dash all hopes of the device being a reality. However, General Mills did say in a blog post that there are five models being tested with fans that aren’t for sale “right now”—which implies that they could be sometime in the future. [click to continue…]

Pie Another Day


Word is that Daniel Craig recently turned down a gazillion dollars to continue playing the role of James Bond. That may or may not be true, but if he returns you can celebrate with a pie. If he doesn’t and a new Bond is chosen…celebrate with a pie.

We recommend whipping up a few vodka martinis (actually don’t. Vodka martinis are inferior, not to mention weak when shaken), and this no-bake Oreo “Pie Another Day” pie from Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin (otherwise known as @ThePieous).

Head on over to Boing Boing to check out the full recipe.


Ad agency BBDO Bangkok and the Thai government health board have created the “AbsorbPlate” and claim that it will soak up an average of about 7ml of oil (or 30 calories on average) from meals that are placed on it.

The plate is based on a sponge and employs 500 perforated holes to draw away the calories. It is hoped that it will help combat the country’s obesity problem by reducing the calories in Thai cuisine, which is notoriously oily.

At the moment, the plates are still in the development stage and no release date has been set. However, we would guess that when the time comes, they’ll be absorbing a lot of money as well. Check out the video below…

61nAbNuRd5L._SL1024_-e1463610317766Cuteness alert. A-OOOOO-GAH!

These cozy plush slippers are based on that adorable little worm from Labyrinth. You know, the one that says “‘Ello” to Sarah in the maze?

They’re listed as “one size fits most adults up to size 12” but even if you have tiny feet, how could you not get them and just wander around the house saying “‘Ello” to people?

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