When it comes to charging devices in my house, the challenge is to find outlet space and remember where the heck the cable is. Then there’s the added joy of trying to charge multiple devices.

Combine those realities with a love of cute gadgets and it’s pretty much a given that I’ll like the Foaster.

Foaster lets you charge as many as four devices at once (pressing down on the lever reveals two ports that can accommodate larger devices) and it uses your device cables, so you know you have the right connector.

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twizzler prank

You know they’ll get baked later and Micah here will have the last laugh.

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adventure time pops

Kudos to Emily for this cute Adventure Time popsicle GIF. The flavors (or lack thereof in the Ice King’s case. Vanilla maybe?) are spot on.

(via Laughing Squid)

chicken cat

In the long and storied history of jerky cats, this cat among the jerkiest.

-Watch as he perches atop the cabinets!

-Watch as he makes a daring leap!

-Marvel at his pinpoint chicken landing!

The question is, where was this cat before climbing the cabinets? It was the litter box. I just know it.

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sherbert day

(via Reddit)


If you are an aspiring young stylist with a sweet tooth, then the Hairdo cookie cutter is for you. It churns out people cookies with big square hair.

All you need to do is nibble your way to a fabulous new cookie hairdo. Mohawk every time.

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sugar house

It’s a snow globe, it’s a sugar bowl, it’s both! The Sugar House is a snow globe for all seasons and sweetenings.

Just don’t put water in it, or you’ll have a sludge globe.

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KFC Canada is celebrating their 60th anniversary by releasing a special version of their chicken bucket (dubbed “The Memories Bucket”) that is also a photo printer. Ordinarily, I would say that’s weird but:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

It connects to your phone via Bluetooth so you can just beam the photos to the bucket and print out some very greasy memories of that time you ate at KFC and felt really gross and bloated.

Want one? Of course you do. Unfortunately, KFC notes that The Memories Bucket will be given away as a limited release.

Head on over to the KFC Canada Facebook page for more info and a video.

(via BuzzFeed)


This Adventure Time-themed mug by Etsy seller MyMoemoe is quite possibly the cutest way to drink your coffee. It features Finn, Jake, and the rest of the gang as cute cupcakes for some reason that we can’t fathom but don’t really care about.

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devito flip cup

Danny DeVito proved himself to be an inflatable flip cup champion on a recent episode of The Tonight Show. Looks like all of the time he’s spent in Paddy’s Pub is paying off.

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