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When I first read “pizza latte”, I was thinking that some crazy person made a pizza-flavored latte. Thankfully, Michael Breach, aka Baristart only made a latte that looks like a pizza. “Whew” right? Haha…hmmmm. I wonder what a pizza latte would taste like. [click to continue…]

Tangled latte by Baristart.


There’s a good reason IT-themed lattes aren’t on the menu at Starbucks. Just look at that creepy-ass clown. He WANTS you to take a sip. Then he’ll be in your veins.

Created by Michael Breach aka Baristart

ironmanlatte copy

Renowned coffee artist Michael Breach recently crafted some fun Marvel-themed latte art as part of the Marvel Super Hero Spectacular. Check out the videos below to see his creations come to life. [click to continue…]

Disney Princess Latte Art


We’ve featured the latte art of barista Michael Breach aka Baristart in the past, but this time he tackles a few Disney princesses. It’s a rite of passage for all artists apparently.

They’re almost too pretty to drink, but maybe if you say some of the villain lines as you sip, it’ll help you get over the guilt.

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Barista Michael Breach works the night shift, so during his ample down time he taught himself how to make some incredible latte works of art. There are a lot of wonderfully nerdy designs like the TARDIS and Jabba the Hutt, but he also takes requests and does beautiful portraits of his patrons.

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cofee harry potter

You may remember our recent coverage of Mike Breach’s coffee foam portraits, but we’ve just discovered his instagram page which is choc full of nerdy designs like Spock, Harry Potter, and Edward Scissorhands. Obviously, we couldn’t pass it up.

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