That’s Nerdalcious! is a website dedicated to nerdy gastronomy…the geeky gourmet…beer, bacon, candy and caffeine.

Sean Fallon / Editor:Sean’s life has been heavily influenced by four things: art, writing, technology and beer—all of which serve him well here at That’s Nerdalicious.

Sean is the founder and Editor of Nerd Approved Media, LLC—which also includes Nerd Approved, CubicleBot and Fashionably Geek.

Contact: sean [at] thatsnerdalicious.com

Jonathan Fallon / Senior Editor: With nothing else to offer but a proven track record of mediocrity, Jonathan was able to land this cushy pity job here at That’s Nerdalicious! thanks to his brother Sean’s beautiful display of nepotism. When not helping you navigate the world of geeky tech, Jonathan indulges in his love of vintage aircraft and serves as Editor of a quarterly publication entitled WW1 Aero: The Journal of the Early Aeroplane.

Contact: jonathan [at] thatsnerdalicious.com

Nicole Wakelin / Contributor: Nicole is a Core Contributor for GeekMom and has a segment on The D6 Generation gaming podcast. She maintains her own blog, Total Fan Girl, and is the Technology Editor for The Fast Lane Car. In her spare time, she is Mom to two little geek girls and teaches them all the important things in life like Han shot first, vampires don’t sparkle and always carry a towel.

Contact: nicole [at] thatsnerdalicious.com

ggdGeek Girl Diva / Contributor: Geek Girl since I can remember. Star Wars fan, sci fi reader, Warcraft Player, forensics nerd.

Once upon a time I did online role sci-fi/fantasy playing on AOL. Writer, movie geek and GoT fanatic. Addicted to Gmail and Twitter. General pop culture nerd and walking IMDB.

Contact: ggd [at] thatsnerdalicious.com

stefanStefan A. Slater / Contributor: Stefan is a freelance writer based out of Los Angeles, CA. He contributes to several local lifestyle magazines and occasionally updates his blog, Lightsabersandsurfboards, when he isn’t scribbling about zombies and/or steampunk. He’s also seen every Alien and Predator movie and he’s only partially ashamed of that.

Contact: stefan [at] thatsnerdalicious.com