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“Le Whaff” Allows You To Eat Without Actually Eating

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Professor David Edwards invented a device called “Le Whaf” which turns specially-prepared liquidized versions of various foods into a cloud of tiny liquid droplets that are then captured in a glass bowl and inhaled. Daily Mail reporter Laura Powell recently tried one out and reported her experience of inhaling essence of lemon tart through a glass straw:

At first, my mouth feels warm and dry; then, as the droplets in the smoke settle, I can make out the particular flavours. The lemon tart is zingy and fresh. Next, a whaf of tarte tatin fills my mouth with caramel … Best of all, each breath (or ‘whaf’) ­contains hardly any calories — so you can have as much as you like without gaining weight.

Le Whaf also works with alcohol, allowing users to inhale as much as they want without getting drunk. As a result, Edwards has big dreams for his invention:

Imagine a restaurant where, instead of sitting at a table, you walk around,’ he says in his ­chalky-soft voice. ‘Instead of eating food, you’re breathing it in as you walk from room to room, each with a ­different flavour. Celery in one. Steak in another. Then pate.

Le Whaff is expected to go on sale this fall for $135.

(Daily Mail via Gizmodo / Image via Paul Cooper)


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