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Chocolate Molecule Babydoll Shirt Actually Smells Like Chocolate

Yesterday we brought you an iPhone case that smells like chocolate, but today we’re one-upping it with a babydoll t-shirt that smells like chocolate.

Need a fix? We got your C7H8N4O2 right here. Even better? There’s no worry about theobromine poisoning with this one, because it’s printed on the shirt. But it’s also printed IN the shirt. What are we talking about? Our printer worked out a process for combining essential oils (for instance, ones from of the Theobroma cacao tree) with plastisol ink. The result? The tastiest shirt you’ve ever smelled. We passed the shirt around the office. It basically smells like you’ve spilled cocoa down your shirt without all the mess and the crying over spilled cocoa.

Apparently, the scent should last for around 10 washings, which means you either need to wash infrequently and have a shirt that smells like a mixture of B.O. and chocolate, or you need to refresh that sucker with something like this.

Product Page ($24.99)


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