Coaster App Employs Smartphones and iPads To Place Drink Orders

Technology is making drinks easier to order via a new app called Coaster:

With Coaster, when you and your crew go out for cocktails, you will calmly find a place to sit, peruse the drink menu and order beverages from the app. The bartender, using his or her iPad will see your order, make the drinks and let you know (through the app) when they’re ready. You pay for the drinks through the app (even tip).

The app is available on iOS and Android and can currently be used at 14 bars in San Francisco (see the list after the jump) – although its creators are looking to expand its reach.

Use the promo code COASTER to get $5 off your first order. You can also invite friends through the app and they’ll get $5 off their order while you collect a $5 bonus when they place their first order.

(Coaster via Mashable)


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