Cookie Dunk Cup: The Ultimate In Cookie Dunking Technology


A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to raise funds for this Cookie Dunk Cup that is touted as “the ultimate in cookie dunking technology”.

Basically, here’s the problem: that finger extending, fist jamming, glass tilting lean to stretch for a dunk in those last few ounces of milk. It’s an awful scenario. Best case? A partial dunk. Worst case? Milk spillage or you drop the cookie in and fish it out with a fork. And here’s the answer – The Cookie Dunker, designed by the Awkward Engineer, and featuring High Milk Displacement Dunk Chamber Technology. It’s been carefully engineered to give you the most dunkage for any given volume of milk.

At the very least it’s light years ahead of this Dipr spoon technology. Hit the jump to learn more.


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