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Dual Shot Glass Delivers Chasers With No Lag


We’ve all been there: You take a shot of some nasty, cheap and possibly bathtub-brewed liquor and you desperately want to get rid of that “Oh, God my tongue is melting” taste, but by the time you take a sip of chaser your mouth is already a witch’s cauldron of vile nastiness and no amount of lukewarm Sprite can get rid of that foul taste.

Well, fear not, fellow bar flies. These nifty Dual Shot Glasses can hold both your poison of choice and a chaser too, with minimal lag in between. The glass holds 2.5 oz of chaser and 1.5 ounces of liquor (the heavier liquid will stay that bottom). With these glasses, you’ll be able to consume just about any terrible liquor without having to taste it! Woohoo!

Product Page ($8.04 for a set of 4 via Foodbeast)


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