Food Hats Are The Tastiest Fashion Trend I’ve Ever Seen


So, you think you’re a real foodie? A true culinary connoisseur? Well, you ain’t a real food fan until you wear your meals on your head. I didn’t make up the rules. That’s just how it is. No excuses. But if you’re concerned about making a mess, then you can head on over to Etsy shop MaorZabarHats, which specializes in all sorts of fancy hats, including a number of food hats.

Owner Maor Zabar created a whole bunch of felted wool faux-meals that you can wear on your head, and options include a sushi platter, a salad, an egg breakfast and what I can only assume is a pie or some sort of terrible space-borne spore infection from Mars (could go either way on that one).

Check out some more food hats after the break…




Product Page: ($266.14 Blazenfluff via Incrediblethings)


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