Get Your Burrito With Baby Toppings


Babies are so delicious all by themselves – I mean those cheeks and little toes! Well hold on to your sombrero kids, because now you can swaddle your little one in fleece burrito blankets!

Etsy shop AwesomeSauceDesigns has taken cozy baby costumes to the next level.

“This novelty burrito baby blanket will make your child look like it’s the “meat” in a burrito. Surrounded by toppings of tomatoes, cheese and lettuce and wrapped in a tortilla shell, this baby blanket will provide some great photo opportunities as well as a few laughs. Makes a great baby shower gift!”

Check out more nomable pics after the break (including a breakfast burrito version).




The burrito blanket is hand made in fleece and the perfect size for babies newborn to 6 months old.

Product page ($41.19 to $53.55 via Laughing Squid)


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