Mario Bros. Letterpress Coasters: Game Over for Water Rings

Mario Bros Letterpress Coasters

It’s game over for water rings everywhere, thanks to these Mario Bros. letterpress coasters. If you’ve ever had to clean after a group of people who didn’t use coasters, then you know how annoying and hard-to-remove water rings are, especially from wood furniture.

Thank goodness for Mario. Not only does he manage to save the Princess from Koopa’s clutches every time (with your help, of course), but he now also helps keep your home spic and span. Check out an additional image after the break.

Mario Bros Letterpress Coasters1

A variety box set of ten letterpress paper 4” Square coasters. Each set includes a Jumping Mario, Goomba, Warp Pipe, Coin, Mystery Box, Piranha Plant, & Four Bricks.

Product Page ($12 via it8Bit)


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