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The World’s Most Advanced Coffee Spoon

If you’re content with Starbucks, regular drip coffee and the like, the Modishspoon is probably not for you. However, if you currently possess a cupboard full of coffee gadgets and obsess over things like bean freshness and extraction, by all means read on.

Modishspoon is the Italian designed coffee spoon that will stir your espresso keeping the crema beautifully intact in its thickness. Its shape has been studied to allow you to lay it directly on the edge of your espresso cup to avoid contact with other surfaces and keep it all highly hygienic. Its compact dimensions, about three times smaller than a traditional coffee spoon, make it a very personal pocket-size object.

Even if you find a product like this to be frivolous, you have to admit that the Modishspoon is pretty cool looking. Definitely a future spoon.

Apparently, many people agree because the Modishspoon is poised to surpass its funding goal on Kickstarter with 29 days to go. So, there’s plenty of time left for coffee nerds to secure one of their own.


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