Nerdy Recipes With Matching Aprons

animal crossing apron

When you’re making recipes from video games, there’s no reason to stop your theming with the food. The Wild Bunny takes it a step further and creates aprons to match whatever she’s making. For example, she recently made an Animal Crossing birthday cake that looks just like one from the cute game. To complement it, she made an apron like shop owner Tom Nook’s. Yes, it is adorable.

She’s taken similar approaches to games like Minecraft, BioShock Infinite, Metroid, and more!

See more of The Wild Bunny’s fantastic and creative work after the break.

BioShock Infinite apron 2

BioShock Infinite apron

Journey apron

Metroid apron

Minecraft apron

Visit The Wild Bunny to see complete recipes to go with each of these aprons.

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