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New Device Allows You To Blow Up a Watermelon With Your Mind [Video]

Gallagher’s career is about to go through a renaissance thanks to this “Mind Over Melon” rig created by LVL1, a hackerspace in Louisville, Kentucky. The device consists of a compressed air cannon and an EEG headset that can read brainwaves. When the wearer concentrates and sends enough bad vibes toward the melon, the headset will trigger the cannon, resulting in a shower of fruit shrapnel.

Apparently, instructions for a DIY version will eventually be available on the LVL1 wiki, but until then, you’ll have to be content with the video demonstration after the jump. If you want to bypass the boring, fast forward to the 1:54 mark.

(LVL1 via Gizmag via DVICE)


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