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PUMPKTRIS: Playable Tetris in a Pumpkin [Video]

Here’s something I bet they didn’t expect back in the days of hoop rolling and maypoles – a playable game of Tetris in a pumpkin. While in those days this would earn you a witch conviction and a swift death, today it is merely an interesting bit of nerdy fun that is apparently a huge pain in the ass to create:

I had a LOLShield I hadn’t assembled yet, and I knew that someone had already written Tetris for it, so I figured it would be a simple matter to poke some holes in the pumpkin to match the LEDs, make a controller, and be done. But oh no, that would be too simple, and would look kind of lame. Little tiny LEDs, all stuck together on a 2×3″ area? Nahhhh.

You get the idea. If you want a challenge and a tight timetable, clicking the link below will give you a lengthy tutorial on making your own. The rest of us can simply watch it in action after the jump.

(via HHB)


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