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R2-D2 Is The Electronic Lunch Kit You Are Looking For

R2-D2 just ate your lunch—but that’s cool because he’s portable and insulated. In fact, he just might be the coolest lunchbox ever made thanks to the addition of push button lights and sounds.

That’s right—just press a button and Artoo will entertain you with lights and his customary beeps and boops while you eat.

He’s also made by Thermos, who probably had a hand in making your old Star Wars lunchbox as a kid. The only downside is that this particular droid isn’t made of metal, so he won’t do the greatest job of protecting your PB&J from getting squished and soggy.

There’s no C-3PO drink bottle either, which seems like a major oversight.

Product Page ($12.99 via Technabob)


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