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Uranium-Infused Glowing Tumblers Give Your Whiskey A Radioactive Kick


If you like to get buzzed, here’s some glassware that’ll get you buzzed like no other – tumblers blown from from specially-made Uranium-infused glass that glows in the dark. Blimey!

Don’t worry, though – the radiation from these glasses is negligible. In fact radioactive glassware has been popular in Europe since the 19th century, and we’ve even had some radioactive dinnerware of our own here in the US (though that was, uh, considerably less safe).

These glass tumblers the creation of Czech designer Martin Jakobsen, who had to get special permission from Czechoslovakia’s State Office for Nuclear Safety to produce them.

Check out more photos of these awesome glasses below.




The glasses are available from Jakobsen’s website for €77.50 ($86), though they’re currently out of stock – a fresh set is due to go on sale in the Autumn.

(via Dezeen)


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