Keep Your Wine Safe With Replica Samurai Armor


If you’ve ever seen traditional samurai armor, then you know that the craftsmanship is absolutely astounding. Now you can actually buy some affordable armor from Samurai Age (albeit in miniature form) that are accurate recreations of sets of armor that were worn by famous warriors in Japanese history.

These samurai armor sets are certified as “Wonder 500” products by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The “500” title is a prestigious one, as it denotes that the armor is one of 500 goods, products or services that are considered by the Ministry to be the best of the best. The armor can be used to protect your favorite figurines, or to cover bottles of wine, shochu or sake. From RocketNews:

Designed to fit over 900-millilitre (35-ounce) sake (Japanese rice wine) and shochu (Japanese distilled liquor) bottles, the Samurai Armour Bottle Cover range also works perfectly for 750-millilitre (25-ounce) wine bottles.

As for the pricing, they’re pretty affordable, especially considering how well they’re made. The Date Masumune at the top left, for example, is priced at 7,020 yen or $58.23.

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These two armor sets are a little more expensive. The gold Tokugawa Ieyasu set and the similar Oda Nobunaga set both come in at around 10,260 yen or $85.

Product Page (Prices Vary)

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