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Super Sipperz Are Like Crazy Straws On Steroids

Y’know how you never want to admit you saw a commercial for one of those “As Seen On TV” items and actually bought it? Well, I didn’t buy this one, but Christy over at Geek Six did and she’s got me seriously considering buying a pack of Super Sipperz.

Maybe it’s the video, maybe it’s the fact that it’s like the Crazy Straw concept meets Tinkertoys. Maybe it’s because the ad somehow manages to tap into that need we all have to watch liquid go past our eyes before it passes our lips.

I have no idea. But I dare you to watch the ad and not find yourself reaching for the phone. Even if you just use Christy’s excuse that you’re buying them for the kids and you’re just gonna “help” them make stuff.

Product Page ($10 via Geek Six)


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