Take Your Lunch Anywhere With This Tactical Lunch Kit


The last thing you need in an emergency is to have your lunch compromised, so it’s a good thing ThinkGeek created this Tactical Lunch Kit.

Whether you’re trekking through the Amazon or braving the office, you don’t have to worry about the integrity of your PB&J any longer. The Tactical Lunch Kit is made of durable Cordura and has a waterproof interior padding. It’s even helpfully labelled LUNCH so you don’t mistake it for the extra grenades and blow your face off trying to have a little sustenance.

It also comes with a Tactical Nourishment Pack (aka resealable snack pouch) and a 12 oz. matte black Thermos. Heck, the thermos alone makes this super cool.

The Tactical Lunch Kit is in stock now and you can see more pictures after the break.



Product Page ($29.99)


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