The DestapaBanana Lets You Inject Bananas With Delicious Fillings


Bananas are a healthy snack at all, but our fit, slim and all-together-super-health-conscious country doesn’t need any more healthy snacks.  We need something that could take a healthy piece of fruit, like a banana, and then fill it with lots of caramel. Oh, why hasn’t someone invented something that could solve this particular dilemma?

Well, it looks like DestapaBanana is here to rectify the problem. This nifty little tool basically injects all sorts of fillings into a banana (that’s still in its peel) by removing the core. Then you just fill it up with flavor from a bottle. You can also cork it and take it on-the-go for later.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on when the DestapaBanana will be available commercially.

(Notcot via Gizmodo)


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