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These Crystal Skulls Have The Power To Chill Your Drinks


Halloween might be over, but these Skull Ice Molds are awesome year round. The molds come with two separate pieces, and you can get a perfectly formed skull by following the procedure outlined on the product page:

To freeze: Fill bottom half of mold up to seam. Put top half of mold on (match rear tabs). When frozen, remove from freezer. WITHOUT removing the top, fill the rest of the way (but leave a little space) and put back in freezer. Because of the magic of water molecules (and how they expand when frozen), this method prevents it the mold from leaking.

To unmold: Remove the cap. With your fingers at the edges and your thumbs at the base of the mold, push your thumbs out while peeling the mold back with your fingers. You might be tempted to run water over the mold to loosen it, but resist that urge! Keep working it out, and you’ll get a perfect icy skull.

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Product Page: ($9.99)


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