The Tritensil Is The Spork Of The Future

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It’s a fork, spoon, and knife in one. Meet the Tritensil. It was created by a design firm called MAP, who partnered with 300-year-old department store Fortnum & Mason. Interestingly enough, F&M sold the first fork/spoon/knife in their 1914 Christmas catalogue for Army officers.

The Tritensil is an updated version of the concept and they’re making it available in bio-based plastic or stainless steel right and left handed versions.

“No, it’s not the best fork, it’s not the best knife, and it’s not the best spoon. We don’t think it ever will be,” Map designer Scott Barwick told Fast Company. “But the spork is a very difficult design problem, and we’ve tackled it as best we can. The result, we think, is a really strong design.”

See more pictures after the break.

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(Fast Company via Mental Floss)


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