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Twist Off Wine Corks Are a Reality


It only took from the dawn of time until now, but humanity finally has a resealable, twist off wine cork, thanks to the efforts of cork manufacturer Amorim and bottle-maker O-I. The technology took four years to develop, most of which was spent ensuring that the wine’s taste, aroma, and color would remain unaffected. Isn’t 21st century technology AMAZING?

This kind of testing was necessary because the agglomerated type of cork used in the Helix is atypical of wine manufacturing. Since cork is cellular in nature, the presence of open spaces in a common, straight cork stopper is ideal—it allows the wine to fill those spaces, expand the cork, and form a tight seal. However, agglomerated cork is more granular, meaning fewer open spaces and less room for expansion. This would be a problem with a normal stopper, but the threaded design of the Helix creates its own tight seal, meaning oxygen can’t escape on the sides while the density of the stopper prevents oxygen from escaping through the cork itself.

The cork’s creators say it could be another two years before the corks, which are aimed at the “popular premium” $8-$15 wines, make it to store shelves.

(via Giz)


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