Does The World Need A Phone-Charging Breadbasket?


The easiest way to repackage even the most mundane objects for the 21st century is by slapping a USB charger on it. Case in point, this breadbasket by Sister Schubert’s.

The “Basket of Warmth” is more than just a basket with a device charger, however—it will also keep bread warm. Details on its inner workings haven’t been released, but it is suggested that the heat is derived from the charging process itself.

The basket is intended to take mobile devices away from people at the dinner table so they can bond with other humans instead of a screen – something that would come in especially handy (or disastrous) with Thanksgiving around the corner. However, at this point the basket is merely a prototype, and there’s no word on when (or if) it will eventually hit store shelves. Check out an additional pic below.


(PRNW via The Verge)


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