Brad, The Emotional Little Toaster, Just Wants A Little Love And Appreciation


Remember Marvin, the often paranoid and/or depressed robot from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? Would you love to have your own version help you around the kitchen? Well, now you can! Sort of. Addicted Products came up with a toaster, named Brad, that monitors how much attention it gets from its owner. If it doesn’t feel like it’s being loved enough, well, it’ll literally pack up and hit the bricks–in other words, Brad will actively search for another owner.

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Here’s what German designer Simone Rebaudengo, the programmer behind Brad’s general clinginess, had this to say about the Brad series of toasters:

It’s a network of toasters that don’t have owners but are hosted by people that apply for them. They are toasters that love to be used, with agency and desire and become jealous of other toasters that are appreciated more. If one doesn’t use an Addicted Toaster enough, it will try to transport itself to someone else that makes more toast.


So if Brad’s feeling neglected, he’ll pop onto the Addicted Products network, call UPS and have himself (itself) brought over to another potential user. Simone created Brad as part of an experiment: He wanted to see how human beings would deal with a “truly smart” appliance. In the future, Simone believes that “smart” tech will be able to monitor your preferences and activities and decided what you want before you want it. With that said, these devices may need a little positive reinforcement to continue to run efficiently.

Creepy? Yes. A little. But it’s just another reminder to treat your toaster nicely. You never know what kind of emotional baggage that little appliance might be carrying.

(via Wired and Geekosystem)


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