Pirate’s Treasure Chest BBQ Grill

Randy McKnight of Fire Sculpture Art created this custom treasure chest grill which is now available on Etsy for the completely unaffordable price of $11,500:

“3 Burner grill chamber, and single burner “Hot slather” simmerin oven. Pair of stainless steel boarding swords grillin tool set, for turnin yer sizzle, an defending yer booty. Auto ignite burner controls. 5 Gal. fuel keg nests on the low shelf. Heavy duty swivel casters fer rollin down to the beach bash. All heavy steel fabrication is baked-on hi-temp powder coated, for a bullet proof finish you can suds down till it sparkels.”

Perhaps this will lead historians to speculate that pirates’ real hidden treasure was the secret to badass barbeque.

More pics after the break.

Product Page: (via Technabob)


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