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America’s Enters 21st Century, Gets Pizza Vending Machine


I have some good news, America – you’re getting your very first pizza ATM!

Engineers in The Netherlands developed and utilized the technology years ago, but it is finally being put to use Stateside at the Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. And before you ask, no – that’s not where the X-Men live. We checked. Twice.

Xavier U’s pizzas are being prepared and loaded into the machine by staff in the dining hall who, according to the Cincinnati Business Courier, have had “40 hours of training each from a French chef” (and none of whom have any special mutations that might aid in their pizza-making). Once someone places an order (they cost just under $10) their preferred pizza is cooked in a convention oven at 475 degrees, then packaged into a box and slid out of a hilariously-shaped slot on the front of the machine. The whole process takes about three minutes, which is three minutes in which you could be eating a pizza, but aren’t.

The pizza ATM will open to the public on August 8th, but as the building it’s in closes and locks up at 8pm it’ll only be available to Xavier students who, incidentally, are not the next step in human evolution.

(WCPO and Journal-News via Eater)


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