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This Brilliant Coffee Table Has Everything, Including A Built-In Fridge

The Sobro Coffee Table is attempting to reinvent the coffee table in much the same way as the Coolest Cooler attempted to do with coolers. That is to say, it is packed with useful functionality, like Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, charging ports, touch control and even a refrigerated drawer.


Designed with a refrigerator drawer, the Sobro keeps beverages and food chilled and always within reach. Never miss a goal or a moment of the conversation. More than just a cooler, the Sobro uses a compressor to keep your wine, beer and beverages ice cold and features precise temperature controls that you can adjust to your personal preferences.

Bluetooth Speakers:

Set the mood or start the party with rich deep sound quality. Dual speakers on each side of the Sobro coffee table deliver enhanced sound and rich bass.

LED Lighting:

Light it up. LED lights on the underside of the Sobro coffee table make for amazing ambience and set the mood for a Netflix night or your next big bash.

TV Connect:

Connect your TV audio to the table via Bluetooth and get in the game.

*You’ll need a Bluetooth dongle or smart TV but we will provide this for free if you help us reach our stretch goal.

Touch Control:

Control Bluetooth, audio, lights and drawer temperature right from the tabletop. No app download required.

USB Charging:

Charging ports on the side conveniently charge all your devices, from phones, to tablets, to your miniature indoor drone.

Power Ports:

Free yourself from being tethered to the wall. Power up your laptop with the (2) 110v outlets (220v EU version) right on the side of the table. When you’re done, roll up your cords and stash them neatly out of sight in the storage drawers.

Not surprisingly, the Sobro Coffee Table quickly exceeded its $50,000 goal on Indiegogo and is poised for a lot more with two months left to go on the campaign. The $499 early bird is sold out, but there are still some slots left for the $549 early bird at the time of writing. That’s 63% off MSRP, which seems like a fantastic deal for a piece of furniture that’s this awesome.

Honestly, everything about this feels like the aforementioned Coolest Cooler campaign. As you may know, that ended up being a debacle because the cooler was priced to low on Kickstarter. They simply ran out of money before being able to ship the product to all of their backers. Hopefully Sobro won’t go down the same path. At the very least, this is something to consider before taking the jump.

(via Cool Material)


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