This 3D Printer Turns Recycled Plastic Bottles Into Stuff You Can Use [Video]

3d print bottles

Meet the Ekocycle Cube 3D printer. 3D Systems has teamed up with the Coca-Cola company to design a 3D printer that uses filaments made with post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. So, 20oz PET plastic bottles will go into making the cartridges the Ekocycle 3D printer uses (cartridges will come in red, black, white, or natural). That means the empty bottles could become cell phone cases, fashion accessories, and much more. Basically, it’s a high tech alternative to another recycling project Coke has been working on.

The Ekocycle will eventually be on sale through Cubify for $1,199.

Learn more about the Ekocycle in the video after the break. It features who just happens to be the Chief Creative Officer of 3DSystems.

(Design Boom via Gizmodo)


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