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This Bar Has A Badass Steampunk Cocktail Mixer [Video]


Presentation is important, and The Standard & Co. Bar is doing it right with this awesome hand-crank steampunk-style mixer. Owner Darrell Greig had this double mixer specially built for his bar from an 1800’s drawing he found. In a recent interview with Green Bay Press, Greig said the device gets lots of second looks.

“Something to be fun, something to catch people’s eye. When it lights up at night, people all want to know what’s going on. They think it’s crazy, people love it. They giggle.”

Check out a video of the mixer in action after the break (video may autoplay).

Greig is also the proud owner of a library of over 500 food and beverage books, one of which contains the 1895 pencil sketch of the 5 1/2 foot tall machine. The inspirational drawing led him to his friend Denny Brotski of nearby Riverside Welding Co., and the pair teamed up for the build.

“It was an ambitious project, but it looked like a fun project. There was no blueprint. It was just a picture and two gears. It was like a puzzle. You just put the pieces together and see how they fit.There’s a better way to shake a drink. You could have motorized it and made it modern, but that takes the fun out of it. This one is more of a novelty.”

There’s a super modern one similar to their design sold by Nieman Marcus with a price tag of over $35,000.

Greig and Brotski agreed that the novelty of a hand-crank show is what makes this piece so special. They even hooked it up with LED lights at night so you can watch your drink (or pair of drinks) glow and shake. And the best news is this awesome mixer might make it’s way to a bar near you. Grieg rounded up gears and parts to make 7 more and plans on shipping them to craft pubs in New York, San Fransisco, Dallas, and Las Vegas.

(via Green Bay Press Gazette)


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