The Breakfast Machine: The Future Is Now [Video]


Simone Giertz is too lazy to make breakfast but, interestingly, she was ambitious enough about said laziness to build a breakfast machine. As she puts it:

I was up for the challenge, because the best way to avoid real problems is to deal with fake ones.

Words to live by.

At any rate, her quest for more efficient laziness led her to buy a uArm robotic arm and program it to prepare her cereal.

Sure, there are a few kinks to work out. It’s in beta. BETA!

Check out the hilarious video after the break.

She posted a tutorial on her Motherboard page along with the following advice:

“I would probably recommend making a sandwich instead of milk and cereal. That process doesn’t contain any fluids which is preferable when dealing with electronics (and people). Bread is also a great excuse to eat butter.

All in all, preparing breakfast with a robot arm gets 4/10 stars. Messy. Crazy inefficient. Didn’t actually manage to feed me anything. But fun and made me not feel guilty about buying a pretty [pricey] robot arm.”

Now we just need to get Simone to join forces with this family. All they need to do is meet in the middle.

(via Tastefully Offensive)


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