This Kitchen Is An Untouched 1956 Time Capsule


It’s one thing to have a few vintage touches in a room, but this whole kitchen is straight out of 1956. Everything is brand new without a single original GE appliance ever having been used, so this is exactly how your new 1956 kitchen would have looked back in the day. It was recently sold by Nathan Chandler Furniture who says:

These vintage GE appliances are original to my house circa 1956. The house was never occupied and appliances were never used. The manuals were still taped to the appliances. I purchased the home in 2010 and I am selling: side-by-side wall refrigerator, wall oven, cooktop, double bowl washboard sink, and dishwasher.

No explanation was given as to why this has all sat untouched for over 50 years, which makes you wonder just who originally owned this place.

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(Retro Renovation via Laughing Squid)


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