Adagio’s Fandom Tea Blends Are A Revelation [Review]

I’ll admit, I had no idea that Adagio had been curating such an extensive collection of fandom-inspired tea blends until they contacted us about doing a review. I’m so glad they did, because now I have a go-to source for tea that contains thousands of fun options. Seriously, if you’re a fan of something nerdy, odds are there’s a collection of tea blends inspired by it—perhaps several.

For the purposes of this review, we went with a sampler set of one of the most popular Harry Potter collections because, well…it just seemed like a good place to start.

I thoroughly enjoyed each of the blends, but notes on each of the teas are arranged below in descending order based on my preference. I’ve also included the steeping instructions I used (based on 1 tsp of tea) for each blend. Frustratingly, the instructions are not printed on the tins and we found the ones posted on the product page to be inadequate at times (reading the customer reviews will give you a good hint about the best steeping temperature and time).

1. Veritaserum (212 degrees / 3 minutes): Enjoy this with something chocolate. You won’t be disappointed.

2. Polyjuice (212 degrees / 5 minutes): If you enjoy chai, you’ll love this blend.

3. Beer Butter (195 degrees / 3 minutes): It doesn’t taste exactly like proper Butterbeer, but it’s a pretty damn good approximation for tea. Enjoyed this with Halo Top Sea Salt Caramel ice cream and it was amazing.

4. Draught of Peace (212 degrees / 3 minutes): A very relaxing tea indeed. This one is my choice for breakfast.

5. Felix Felicis (212 degrees / 5 minutes): This rooibos blend had a wonderful aroma and a rich flavor with a nutty, caramel vibe.

6. Pumpkin Potion (212 degrees / 4 minutes): I’m not a big pumpkin spice fan, but this isn’t some Starbucks crap. It would be a great tea to drink in the fall or on a rainy day.

If you enjoy tea and you’re a fan of anything from Fullmetal Alchemist to Firefly, I can’t recommend trying out these Fandom Blends enough. Head on over to Adagio to check out the entire selection.


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