Elodie The Unicorn Is Two Magical Ramen Bowls In One

Subsisting on microwaveable ramen wouldn’t be so bad if you were eating it out of a unicorn bowl right? Elodie is the bowl for that job. Or should I say bowls? Yes I should, because Elodie is two bowls in one.

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This Unicorn Ramen Bowl isn’t a mythical, unattainable gift. It can be yours in an instant and can cook your instant noodles as well. Plus, it’s two bowls in one. The bottom bowl has clouds against a bright blue background. The top lid turns over to be a bowl shaped like a white unicorn with a golden horn and a rainbow-colored mane. Designed to hold and microwave most instant noodles without having to break them, it’ll have you slurping with the best of them.

Elodie Unicorn Ramen Bowl ($27.99)


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