Mondo’s Xenomorph Tiki Mugs Are Now A Reality

Back in December we highlighted Mondo’s new “Tee-Kis” Tiki mug collection as it kicked off with a Gremlins-themed release. This included concept sketches for both a Xenomorph and an Iron Giant line. Now the completed Aliens tiki mugs have been revealed!

Three versions of the 16 oz. limited edition mugs are going quickly on Mondo’s website, and more variants are on the way. Mondo notes:

The brown glaze variant will be exclusive to the Alamo Drafthouse (which you can order in the next couple of months), and the Xeno Bone version will be an event exclusive available at a later date. More details to come.

Shipping for the pre-order mugs is expected to happen sometime this summer. If you want one, I highly suggest jumping on it quickly. Attack it, like the Xenomorph in the badass trailer that just dropped for Alien: Covenant.

(via Laughing Squid)

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