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Just when I think Nick from Dude Foods can’t come up with anything weirder, he proves me wrong. I’ll learn one of these days. His latest creation stars egg yolks cooked sous-vide (a method of cooking food sealed in airtight bags in a water bath or steam), breaded with Froot Loops and deep fried. He used an Anova Precision Cooker to make the eggs and covered the yolks in crushed Froot Loops. He insists they’re delicious.

Get more information on this interesting dish at Dude Foods.

Butter beer

Tasting butterbeer is one of many reasons to go to Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The drink is sweet and delicious and captures the flavor I imagined while reading J.K. Rowling’s books. Wizarding World offers the beverage as a regular drink, frozen, and as ice cream (read my review of butterbeer ice cream here).

That’s not enough though! Universal has added warm butterbeer to the menu again. The beverage is being sold at the Leaky Cauldron, Three Broomsticks, Hog’s Head Pub, The Fountain of Fair Fortune, and the Hopping Pot. No word on how long it will be available so order some hot butterbeer while you can!

(via Orlando Sentinel, photo by Amy Ratcliffe)

baymax cake pops

From the moment I first saw Big Hero 6’s Baymax, I knew he was made to be turned into adorable edibles. The latest dessert to feature the inflatable robot is from Nerdache Cakes: Baymax cake pops! I want to hug them before eating them. Ant goes through the step-by-step for making the treats, and it doesn’t seem too difficult. Well, at least the version without armor doesn’t.

Watch the how-to after the break.

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sailor moon tea 1

Nothing makes teatime feel fancy like an intricately painted tea cup made from china. It hits a magical level when that tea cup is inspired by Sailor Moon. This matching tea cup and saucer set from Premium Bandai and Noritake is made from fine bone china and features a Sailor Scout bow, symbol, and Sailor Moon’s name written in script.

The only uncool thing about this beautiful set that will be out in April is that it’s tricky to order if you live outside of Japan.

Take a closer look at the cup and saucer after the break.

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tiny hamster thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is nearly here, and humans aren’t the only ones enjoying feasts. YouTuber Hello Denizen is at it again and has created a miniature Thanksgiving meal for Tiny Hamster and friends. A bunny, rat, and another hamster sit down at the table and enjoy a specially made, itty bitty meal. It’s as precious as it sounds.

Watch the adorable video after the break.

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chewie bottle opener 1

Hallmark wants you to use the Force and/or Wookiee strength to open your bottles. They’ve got two new Star Wars-themed bottle openers that feature Chewbacca and Yoda. While I’m not sure about the designs – the mouths are the openers – I do like that they play music when you use them. Both styles broadcast the Star Wars theme song, and Chewbacca also releases one of his trademark growls.

See the Yoda design after the break.

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Taco emoji

The fact that library of emoji characters doesn’t include tacos is serious business. So much so that Xoxco developed an app for the single purpose of texting images of tacos. Luckily, those lamenting the lack of taco emoji may not have to mourn much longer. The Unicode Inc blog shared 37 emoji character candidates for Unicode 8.0 to be released in mid-2015, and the list includes a taco! Again, it is only a candidate and not guaranteed—but if we don’t get that taco emoji a riot may be in order.

Other possible food emoji in the release include:

Hot dog
Cheese Wedge
Bottle With Popping Cork

(via BuzzFeed)

goldfish teabag 1

Until today I’ve only seen tea bags in two shapes: circles and squares. Charm Villa is making the product kitschy with their goldfish-shaped tea bags. The bags go through a 16 step manufacturing process and when they’re dunked in your mug of hot water, they actually look like swimming fish. The tea bags are beautiful and just a tiny bit weird.

Watch the tea bags swim around in a cuppa after the break.

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grilled cheese doughnuts

Imagine this: melted cheese in between layers of flaky crescent dough in the shape of a doughnut. It sounds like heaven, right? Amy of Oh Bite It made it happen.

The recipe requires a few ingredients and little elbow grease. You’ll need cheese slices (she recommends Velveeta), Pillsbury crescent dough, round cookie cutters, and oil for frying. So simple and yet so perfect.

Get all the instructions and see more sexy food pictures at Oh Bite It.

cake in a can chocolate header

Making a cake from a box isn’t that difficult, but if you don’t have the time or necessary ingredients on hand, there are other options. Cake batter in an aerosol can could be coming to shelves, but Cake in a Can is here now.

All you have to do to make The Food Ministry’s Cake in a Can is add water. The dessert bakes right in the can. You can choose between chocolate, Christmas, coffee, birthday, and wedding cake flavors. These would be great to keep on hand for special occasions and also for sugar emergencies and late night snacks.

See photos of other Cake in a Can varieties after the break.

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