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batman guitar cake

DeviantArt user AsheryW, a.k.a. Ash, is a talented cake decorator. She’s made cakes that look like cameras, Spongebob, a sea turtle, and a guitar. Not just any guitar though, a Batman guitar! Makes total sense to me.

She made it for a 17th birthday a couple of years ago, and I’m imagining the recipient is a musician who has a Batman tattoo.

(via AsheryW)

gollum cake 1

Sometimes I forget that Gollum can be a scary creature, but this realistic cake by Sweet Little Treat has refreshed my memory. Baker Karin spent about 30 hours working on the confection and did a top notch job capturing every detail in Gollum’s sneer. I’m particularly impressed by his teeth. It’s uncanny!

Karen made Gollum’s head for the Cakes from Middle-earth collaboration and used modeling chocolate, fondant, and edible paints to craft the cake. Those single strands of wispy hair? They’re made from sugar.

Check out more photos of the Gollum cake after the break, precious.

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sesame street ian mckellen

The Cookie Monster isn’t the fastest learner when it comes to techniques for curbing his craving. He wants cookies immediately and all the time. I don’t blame him. This time, Sir Ian McKellen stopped by Sesame Street to teach Cookie Monster the meaning of the word “resist.” He uses an example from Lord of the Rings, and it’s the most charming thing I’ve seen this week.

Watch the very important lesson after the break.

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sugar glue

One of the challenges of crafting a gingerbread structure is getting the icing just right so that it holds walls together while you’re building. Instructables user all_thumbs tackled that problem head-on by devising a way to essentially make edible glue sticks from sugar.

It starts with molds made from aluminum foil. You can base the mold on an actual glue stick to get the right size. Once you have molds, you fill them with molten sugar, let them cool, and then load them into a hot glue gun and use the gun as you normally would. And yes, you’ll want to use a brand new hot glue gun for this. Glue residue from these guns isn’t nearly as delicious as the paste you ate as a child.

There are some safety concerns to keep in mind, but all in all, this idea sounds effective.

Read about the entire process at Instructables.

(EMS via Boing Boing)

doritos cheese ball bites

I’m convinced Amy at Oh Bite It is a sorcerer. She comes up with wild but delicious sounding recipes and churns them out like crazy. Her latest invention revolves around nacho cheese Doritos so you know it’s a winner. She made balls from cream cheese, shredded cheese, and salsa and covered them in crushed Doritos. Easy, colorful, and magical. Making these for your holiday gathering might make you a hero.

Learn more about how to make these cheesy gems at Oh Bite It.

deep fried gingerbread men

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that means gingerbread flavored everything can be found in seasonal sections of stores. The spicy tang of ginger snaps and gingerbread cookies is synonymous with the holiday season, but if you’re looking for something different to do with gingerbread men this year, Amy of Oh Bite It has you covered. She took a package of already made gingerbread men cookies, dipped them into pancake batter and milk, and fried them. Yeah, I’m on board with this idea.

Learn more about the recipe at Oh Bite It.

candy food 1

Think you’re looking at a delicious meal of sushi and sashimi? Wrong. The above dish is made of candy. Artist Jess Gabe used the following materials to make her faux sushi: Airheads, Rice Krispie Treats, fruit jellies, fruit roll up, sugar crystals, icing and Hershey’s chocolate syrup. It’s all part of her drool-worthy Candy Cuisine project.

She takes a variety of savory meals like sushi, pot pies, and tacos and makes them from candy for fun, and she does an incredible job.

Check out more sugary meals after the break.

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booze shoes 1

If hiding a small bottle of liquor in your bag isn’t possible, you can now purchase a pair of shoes suited for the purpose. The Johnnie Tan Leather Brogues look dashing and have a suede-lined heel compartment that holds a mini bottle of whisky, specifically Johnnie Walker Red Label. Fancy, no?

To add to the classy factor, the shoes are leather, made in Italy, part of a limited edition, and have hand-stitched detailing. Just one thing to keep in mind: don’t try to wear these shoes on your next flight.

Look at more pics of the dapper footwear after the break.

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sub stop motion

Stop motion filmmaker PES has released a new video that’s both bizarre and beautiful. It features a sub made from everyday items such as sports equipement, playing cards, googly eyes, shredded paper, and more. It sounds weird, but the result is surprisingly mesmerizing.

See the making of the cool sandwich after the break.

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smaug cake 1

Smaug spends most of his time covered in gold and looking menacing, but he occasionally takes a break to look fantastic in cake form. Baker Sheila Haughie of I Love Cakes By Sheila crafted this stunning dessert for a Cakes from Middle-earth Cake Collaboration in honor of  The Hobbit. The cake features Smaug flying towards Lake-town saying “I am fire, I am death” and spewing flames. Haughie placed LEDs inside the chest of the dragon to make it glow.

See more pictures of this spectacular cake after the break.

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