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majora's mask 1

Redditor Njohns39 turned an evil mask into a lovely cake. Majora’s cake was inspired by Majora’s Mask from Legend of Zelda. Njohns39 said the cake is a dense and moist chocolate cake that’s similar to a brownie, and it has cream cheese frosting in between the cake layers. The whole thing is topped with vanilla fondant. Yum.

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arrow flash cupcake

On Saturday night of Comic-Con, DC Comics took over Hall H to show pilots and footage from some of their television series. The presentation included Arrow and The Flash, and themed cupcakes were available in the green room to celebrate the occasion. Someone had to put two of them together and make the ultimate crossover cupcake.

See the Arrow and The Flash cupcakes in their original form after the break.

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borg cube fridge 1

ThinkGeek has taken the Borg Cube where it’s never gone before: into the realm of kitchen appliances! The cube shaped ship makes a perfect mini refrigerator. It’s lit with green on the inside and looks sufficiently ominous. It will hold nine cans of soda and has a 12V DC power cord in case you’d like to plug it into your car. The portable fridge would be perfect for a roadtrip!

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gundam cake 1

There’s no Gundam quite like one made out of sugar. Mike’s Amazing Cakes is responsible for this beautifully sculpted dessert; it’s modeled after Gundam F91. I’m impressed by both the form and the paint. He didn’t know what the cake would be when he started it, and it sort of just developed. It’s incredible.

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First of all, there’s a South Korean drama called Everybody, Kimchi! The show takes place against the background of the kimchi industry. Secondly, kimchi makes a good weapon. In the below clip, a woman gets angry at a man (maybe her boss?) and slaps him with a giant hunk of kimchi. It’s about as gross as you’d think.

Watch the slap after the break. Skip to about 1:30 to see the action.

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walking dead apron

Want to be the Sheriff of your backyard? Don this Walking Dead apron, and you can be in charge of cooking burgers (and stopping zombies). The 33-inch long apron is fashioned after Rick Grimes’ uniform, and it looks like he’s had it on for days. We encourage you to wash your apron after any zombie encounters you may experience so as not to contaminate the food.

Product Page ($24.99)

lightsaber bbq fork

Grilling techniques from the galaxy far, far away are coming to Earth. We’ve already seen lightsaber BBQ tongs, and now ThinkGeek’s offering a lightsaber BBQ fork to go with them. The stainless steel design won’t let you turn hot dogs over with the Force but using a lightsaber is the second best thing, right? Right.

See a close-up of the hilt/grip after the break.

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mini food 1

Dollhouses wouldn’t feel like home if there weren’t meals on the dinner table, and Kim Burke has creating those meals down to a science. She sculpts tiny food on a 1:12 scale from polymer clay, and her work is so detailed that it looks like someone took a shrink ray to a plate of real food. Whether you want a cheese plate, burgers and hot dogs, desserts, breakfast, or lasagna – she has you covered. All of her creations are available to purchase.

See more examples of Kim’s faux food creations after the break.

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Fred and George Weasley liked to prank everyone around them, and even if it seemed goofy, the enterprising young wizards turned their skills into a career. They opened Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, and the world of Harry Potter was never the same. Jordanene has crafted the perfect apron to remember the business, and you could wear it while brewing butterbeer or puking pastilles.

See the front and back views of the apron after the break.

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aerosol cake

John McCallum and Brooke Nowakowski have done something brilliant: they’ve made Spray Cake. After much trial and error, the two Harvard students have produced a type of cake batter you can put in an aerosol can and spray into a baking dish. It gets better because it’s also microwaveable. You could nuke a cupcake in about 30 seconds. Of course, you could also eat it straight from the can.

The duo are currently in the process of patenting the idea and have already found a seller. Once they find a manufacturer, it’s only a matter of time before this product will be available on grocery store shelves.

As for the taste, bakery star Joanne Chang has tasted the cakes and given them her seal of approval. I predict they’ll make buckets of money with this invention.

Learn more about the Spray Cake in the video after the break.

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