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hot dog in a sausage bun

When hot dogs are grilled just right, they can be a treat beyond comparison. The experience only gets better when you wrap them with bacon. But what about ditching the bread bun and replacing it with more meat? It doesn’t hurt to try, and The Vulgar Chef dove right in. He split a bacon cheddar sausage down the middle and sandwiched a bacon wrapped hot dog in it. I have two words for this: Oh. My.

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alien facehugger egg cake

When you sit down to enjoy dessert, the last thing you want to consider is whether a Facehugger will suddenly explode from the center of the cake you’re about to eat. However, if you were feasting on this Alien egg cake by Choccywoccydoodah, that concern is all you would focus on. The chocolate treat was made for the Alien: Isolation video game team, and as far as we know, no one has been consumed by a fully grown Xenomorph. Yet.

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axe to the peep

When your kid loves the colorful Peeps that show up every year around Easter, there’s only way to make him or her come home sooner: kill the Peeps. Imgur user happymoosecaboose says his/her dad started a new tradition for spring by buying a package of Peeps and executing one each day in increasingly gruesome ways until happymoosecaboose comes home for the holiday.

Since I can’t stand Peeps, I wholeheartedly approve of this tactic.

See an entire gallery of the sugar-coated crime scenes after the break.

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cadbury egg in toast

Easter is nearly here, and that means Cadbury creme eggs have flooded supermarket shelves. Sure, you can eat them right out of the wrapper, but you can also use the chocolate treat to make other desserts.

Serious Eats has taken the breakfast “egg in hole toast” concept and sweetened it by making a pound cake with a Cadbury creme egg in the middle. It sounds like it would make for a decadent and delicious dessert that’s also pretty simple to make. You have plenty of time to gather the ingredients before Sunday!

Get the complete recipe at Serious Eats.

bombur spoon

In The Hobbit films, we definitely get the impression that Bombur likes his food. He is a very determined eater, and he’s the most portly of the dwarf’s adventuring company. Therefore, if you’re going to woodburn the character into anything, a spoon is pretty much perfect.

This design by Julia Salveny features an intricate portrait of the character on one side accompanied by the phrase “When I eat, I am deaf and dumb.” It appears in Dwarf Runes on the other side. Rather than using it as a utensil, I think I’d keep this for display purposes only.

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pop TARDIS tee

How would you like to try a timelord pastry? This t-shirt showcases the breakfast of champions on Gallifrey and beyond: Pop-TARDIS. It doesn’t matter what the flavor is because they look like a TARDIS on the outside, but they’re probably packed with some kind of fruity goodness. Maybe it tastes like jelly babies. Then again, I like that the tee advertises a new popular flavor: fishfingers and custard. I’d try them!

Product Page ($12 via TSL)

zelda wine charms 1

It’s dangerous to drink alone! So, take these Legend of Zelda wine charms to a party or invite people over to join you. The five piece set includes Link, Link wearing Ezlo, Zelda, Vaati, and Belari depicted in metal and displayed as charms on hoops with Swarovski crystals. They loop around the bottom of a wine glass, or you can even use them on a coffee mug handle. They would make a great housewarming present for the Zelda fan in your life!

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ackbar drink holder

Don’t burn your hands! Let Ackbar keep you protected with his face. This crocheted cup sleeve won’t be scared of traps or beverages of any temperature, and Ackbar’s googly eyes will watch you while you drink – in a friendly, non-creepy way. Flickr user Overweight glob of grease crafted this Mon Calamari and mentions that this free octopus coffee cup sleeve pattern will help you craft an Ackbar of your own.

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shot glass crawler 1

Want to make drinking shots a little more creepy? If so, you need these shot glass crawlers from Christopher Cordingley. He loves the form and expression of human hands so he designed a series of ceramic shot glasses that look like hands in motion. They are a little weird, but it’s a cool design that’s not quite like anything I’ve seen before.

They come in .6, 1, 1.5, or 2 ounces and are available in a variety of colors. The black ones would be perfect for Halloween celebrations.

See more pics of the glasses after the break.

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death star cupcakes 1

The domed tops of cupcakes are the perfect shape to become a Death Star. This take on the powerful battle station by Stuffed Cakes is sugary and not quite as intimidating. These delicious-looking desserts are almost as detailed as the ship; you can spot the familiar lines and the all important laser dish. However, I can’t spot any thermal exhaust port flaws in this design.

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