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sw cantina convention

Blue Milk cocktails will be among the alcoholic delights served in this recreation of the Star Wars Cantina during an independent, fan run Star Wars convention in London called For The Love of the Force taking place Dec 4-6.

“We have recreated this famous cantina in all its glory, with all the cantina creatures and band. We will be serving blue milk cocktails and alcohol to VIP ticket holders, standard ticket holders can pay extra on the day to visit the set.”

Other drinks include Bantha Milk, Wookiee Juice, Princess Punch, and Jam Jar Binks—but the best part is the environment. These folks have gone all out to create an authentic Star Wars cantina experience. The event will also include such attractions as Jabba’s Palace, an Ewok Village, a full-size X-Wing and AT-ST and more.

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hannibal peta

I’ll admit, I’m not always comfortable with PETA’s tactics, but this new ad by Bryan Fuller (a vegetarian) comes just in time for Thanksgiving—and it’s just too tasty to pass up.

Besides, it features Gillian Anderson as Bedelia DuMaurier once again. We’ll take whatever Hannibal we can get.

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princess chewbacca cake edit

When Sophie asked her mom Jamie for a Star Wars-themed birthday party, Jamie decided to take the cake to the next level. It’s what great geeky parents do. She notes:

My daughter wanted a Star Wars party, so I bought this Chewbacca doll hoping that I could find a bakery that would turn him into a barbie cake. Because he was a full size doll and not a kit, I was turned down several times.

That’s when Jamie’s friend Megan swooped in to save the day:

My amazing friend, Megan, came to the rescue and offered to make Chewy a beautiful cake dress. She nailed it!

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disney circus cake

Remember that really amazing Disney Princess Superheroes cake we showed you the other day? Well, we’ve just discovered the other Gold Award-winning cake that Richards Cakes entered into the Cake International competition—and it involves a trip to the circus.

Imagine Dopey, Happy, and Doc as clowns, Esmerelda as the Bearded Lady, Stitch being fired out of a cannon, and lots more.

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han in carbonite

This time, Han isn’t the only one who gets frozen.

The annual Ice Sculpture Festival in Liège, Belgium is all about Star Wars until January 31, 2016.

This year’s festival is called Ice Star Wars and features the work of 30 artists from 12 different countries who transformed 500 tons of ice into Star Wars-themed sculptures in just four weeks.

Just make sure to bring your gloves and parka. The temperature inside the “ice box” is a balmy -21 degrees.

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superhero princess cake edit

People love to mash-up Disney Princesses, but this cake takes the concept two steps further.

Richard’s Cakes made this amazing Disney Princess Superhero Cake for the recent Cake International show. Not surprisingly, they brought home a Gold Award for their work.

Shape-changing Alice goes up against a smaller Queen of Hearts. Gambit Belle fights with books instead of playing cards and has already downed Drizella and Anastasia. Ariel battles Ursula. You get the idea—it’s awesome.

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bb8 cake

I’m an utter disaster in the kitchen, but if anyone with skills could make this adorable BB-8 cake and send it my house, I’d be ever so grateful.

This tasty droid is made using cake, ganache, fondant, modeling chocolate, and a few other things (like a drill) which make it sound like you’re building a real droid.

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yoda cake

Claire Jensen of the Cornwall-based Peboryon Cakes was at “Cake International — The Sugarcraft, Cake Decorating & Baking Show” with an amazing entry that demonstrates Cake Yoda’s power to levitate another cake with the Cake Force.

Imagine being able to float cake into your mouth from anywhere. I want to be a Jedi so bad.

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If you’re a Disney fan that can’t stand boring beverages, you’ll love these.

Four new Disney trays have been unveiled: Jack Skellington faces, Olaf the Snowman, Toy Story, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

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I’ve talked about a good number of bottle and can coolers/koozies in my day, but these “Freaker” versions may be my favorite. They’re like nerdy sweaters or socks for your beer!

These insulated covers are one size fits most and there are seven different styles covering some of your favorite DC super heroes and villains.

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