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cupcake panties

I’d like to say up front that I don’t think it’s fair that my editor gave me this to write about while knowing I’d have to avoid making any inappropriate jokes about wanting to take a bite out of dessert.

I mean, come ON. They’re frilly cupcake panties with a cherry or a strawberry on top depending on whether you get blue or pink.

I don’t know what he expects of me. I really don’t. But here’s a way to have your cupcake and…

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star wars growlers

Well, Ackbar’s Ale would have to be Trappist. So that’s probably out.

Whether you homebrew or you just like to drink beer, now you can do it in Star Wars style with this custom engraved beer growler.

You can have this 64oz beer growler engraved with a number of different Star Wars characters and logos from both the Rebel and Empire sides.

You also have a choice of adding pint glasses and a bottle opener to get all three.

Product Page: Growler ($26.99) / Full set ($49.99)

thanos infinity mug

Now you can channel your inner Thanos with this Entertainment Earth exclusive Marvel Thanos Infinity Gauntlet prop replica mug.

Plus, everyone will know who the boss is at the business meeting.

Product Page ($15.99)

gitd gallifreyan mug

While I don’t normally drink things in the dark, I may need to make an exception with this Doctor Who mug. Not only does it glow in the dark, but you can have it personalized with your own name in Gallifreyan.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make life better. Glowing Gallifreyan mugs are one of them.

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doctor who rolling pin

It’s no secret that we think embossing rolling pins are pretty cool—but they’re even better when they’re geeky.

Now you can emboss your dough with Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Green Lantern, or Harry Potter designs. Cute and easy. I love it.

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fett mug

With Boba Fett’s image and best known quote, this is the perfect mug for any Star Wars fan who’s no good to the world without coffee.

Product Page ($11.96)


Check out the full recipe at Fia’s Maine Kitchen.

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If you’ve ever had to work in a tip based job, you know how much you rely on those tips and that, sometimes, people can be jerks when it comes to tipping.

This little bit of Schadenfreude is for you, my friends.

Here’s the story:

A Massachusetts car dealership recently ordered pizza and, when the pizzas came, they gave the driver $50 bucks in the form of two $20’s and 2 $5’s. Like any rational person, the delivery guy asked if they wanted change, they said it was all good and off he went.

Then the dealership not only called the pizza place to complain that the driver took the extra money, but they demanded that he drive back out to give them the change and then, when he returned, they hassled him.

The driver, quite rightly, asked the guy why he’d give him the extra $5 bill and, while he says something, it’s looking like they all think this sort of thing is funny and that they like messing with pizza guys.

Here’s the ONYD part of this — the dealership not only videotaped the entire thing, they posted it online as if the delivery driver was the jerk here.

Well, that kinda backfired. Not only did they end up coming off as total jerks, but the Internet decided to give them a little payback in the form of an avalanche of phone calls and negative Yelp and Google reviews. Now the guys at the dealership are crying uncle and apologizing all over the place. The owner of the dealership even visited the pizza store in person to apologize, and the manager accepted.

It just goes to show you that, sometimes, karma really is a bitch and it’s glorious.

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weyland yutani cadbury

And the UK thought eliminating dairy milk from Cadbury eggs was bad.

(via Ghoulia Childs)

arkham absinthe

The second I saw this t-shirt, I despaired that there’s no such thing as Arkham Red Velvet Absinthe. It sounds amazing and I love the idea of Harley Quinn replacing the green fairy to lead you through the madcap Arkham nights.

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Product Page: ($14)