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What started as an idea in 2007 and became a NEED for the internet is now very, very close to becoming a reality thanks to a Kickstarter project.

The Keyboard Waffle Iron.

Designer Chris Dimino needs $50,000 to make his Keyboard Waffle Iron Kickstater a success, but with an idea this good and rewards this great, I think it’s doable.

Rewards range from a Pumpkin Spice Waffle recipe at the $5 level to an office brunch (complete with Bloody Marys and Mimosas) at the 10K level. There are also limited edition waffle irons, cooking lessons and other cool items throughout the reward tiers.

Personally, they had me at Keyboard Waffle Iron because GREAT BIG WAFFLES IN A STUPID SHAPE.

Check out the project video after the break…

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egg and bacon shoes

I don’t know what I like better – the fact that these are bacon and egg shoes, or the fact that they’re sold by a kitchen supply company and made for chefs.

These are part of MOZO’s Sharkz series and are made of a lightweight material with side ventilation and slip resistant outsoles. So if you cook, they’ll definitely help your feet.

Plus, having crispy bacon on one shoe and a sunny-side up egg on the other is way cooler than Mario Batali’s Crocs.

Product Page ($26.99 via Geekologie)

jabbas platter

Having seen this shirt, I now wish such a thing actually existed. Can you imagine the variety of pictures you’d see on the “wall of winners” for this kind of challenge?

It comes in both men and women’s sizes and it’s in stock now.

Product Page ($20 via Shirtoid)


The Planetary Drinking Glass Set is a 10 piece set and includes the Sun, each of our planets and even has Pluto for you Pluto fans. It puts the solar system in the palm of your hand.

They’re beautiful and I think they’d be a great gift for any astronomy lover (especially if they drink liquids).

Head after the break to see the whole set.

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joker burgers

Mark Hamill needs to stop by Not A Burger Stand as soon as possible.

(via Reddit)


Now you can make mini Infinity Gauntlets for any occasion with this handy-dandy silicone tray. Ice cubes, chocolates, jello shots – if you can mold it and eat it, you can rule the Universe.

Product Page ($14.99)

dolphin oven mitt

I think Pam Poovey would approve of someone turning her dolphin puppet into an insulated Dolphin Oven Mitt. If someone doesn’t buy this and do Pam impressions while cooking dinner, I’m going to be very disappointed.

Product Page $19.99

cupcake science

I think cupcakes are magic because I’ve been known to burn water. However, this t-shirt has revealed that there is actually a science to them.

Magic or science? Who knows? I just know that cupcakes are delicious.

Product Page ($15)


The Tokyo Station Gundam Cafe is becoming McDaniel Hamburgers Gundam Cafe and it’s Gundam burgers for everyone.

Named after the restaurant in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, McDaniel will open in Tokyo on November 19.

Currently on the menu: a Sleggar Burger, which is their basic hamburger, Gundam burger with Gouda cheese, a Char Zaku burger with special tomato sauce, olive and capers, or a Zaku II burger with avocado, steak sauce and woven trio of special wasabi soy sauces.

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dancing groot mug

As someone who is firmly of the opinion that there is no such thing as too much dancing baby Groot, I’m in love with this new figural mug by Entertainment Earth.

Groot’s mini pot is actually a mug. Plus, you can put the top on to keep the coffee warm. Seems like the perfect mug to keep by your side when you’re working.

It’s not in stock until May of next year, but you can pre-order now.

Product Page ($14.99)