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Entertainment Earth has been having a good time releasing these new DC Bombshells morphing mugs, and they’ve listed another exclusive. This time, Harley Quinn visits Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge.

See the mug heat up from all sides in the video the break.

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Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and Hasbro have teamed up to bring you the first of four digital shorts in which the team behind Robot Chicken brings KRE-O to life. In this first clip, “KRE-O Transformers Hibachi Chef”, Optimus wants to live life as a simple Hibachi chef, but the Decepticons have other plans.

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Here’s a perfect little something for those of you who like to look fashionable while cooking. Yep, it’s a Bowler hat colander. My immediate thought was “Well, won’t that look nice when someone wants to dress up to worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster or take a new driver’s license picture!”.

Product Page ($19.39 / Fair warning, shipping to the U.S. is insane)

Jelly Belly

Here’s a way to learn about anatomy and indulge your sweet tooth. Candy Anatomy is a project by medical student Mike McCormick that recreates lessons on human anatomy with candy.

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If you want to see a little bit of edible perfection, you don’t have to look much further than this My Neighbor Totoro cake by Rozie Powell of Cinnamon Square.

The gang’s all here and everyone’s so cute that I wish I could be miniaturized to go live in this cake. Well, at least until the eating started.

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We recently covered an awesome line of heat changing mugs featuring the DC Comics Bombshells, so it’s cool to see this new Entertainment Earth exclusive version of Wonder Woman that features even more of Ant Lucia’s gorgeous art.

Product Page ($24.99)


Before today I would have said that a banana night light is preposterous. Now I feel like everyone should have a banana night light.

The manufacturer also feels it’s important for you to know that it “Even stands of it’s own accord. Now that’s absolutely ‘nanas.”

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This is one of those things that’s pretty much perfect if you’re a Doctor Who fan that needs a lot of coffee in the morning.

1) It’s that pretty Tardis blue.

2) It’s a 20oz mug. More ounces is never a bad thing.

3) It’s a travel mug. We always need one of those.

4) It’s a heat changing mug and, let’s face it, those are magic.

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Black mugs that reveal the DC Bombshells when they heat up? Yes please!

Indeed, these 11oz. morphing mugs will transform from basic black as hot liquid is added to reveal some of the hottest ladies in the DC Universe.

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carrot throne

Somewhere in Brooklyn lives a man who loves his girlfriend, her pet rabbit Wallace, and Game Of Thrones.

That man built Wallace aka “Wallace The Mad King” his very own Iron Throne made of cardboard and carrots along with a cardboard replica of the Red Keep.

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