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Finally, the perfect treat for fans of sharks and chocolate. These chocolate Megalodon teeth are cast from actual fossil teeth and come in high quality dark, milk, and white chocolate.

That’s a serious sweet tooth. I’d take it over a chocolate bunny any day.

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I’ve seen Adipose put into the Doctor Who villain category from time to time and I’ll never understand why. They’re just babies. Cute squishy, adorable fat babies. It’s not their fault that their wet-nurse Matron Cofelia decided to speed things up and killed people in the process. Besides, I know people who’d be totally down to lose weight using Adipose Technologies if it created these cuties.

Anything Adipose always gets a thumbs up from me. So kudos to Etsy seller Timestitcher for creating this half apron design.

Check out the full apron design after the break…

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kit kat sandwich

Japan’s already known for having the most unique flavors of Kit Kats and now they’re breaking ground again with a Kit Kat sandwich.

Fast food chain First Kitchen will is behind the cocoction. But, what is a Kit Kat sandwich? Imagine a Kit-Kat topped with whipped cream, sprinkled with orange peel on white bread. Yum.

It even uses a specially made Kit Kat called a “Kit-Kat for Cafe” which is made to be dipped in hot drinks and is a bit crunchier.

Show of hands: how many of you are going to try this at home?

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Any Doctor Who fan knows that Lady Cassandra is all about hydration, which is why this “Moisturize Me” mug is so perfect. With Cassandra on the front and a TARDIS on the back, it’s a clever and fun way to enjoy a little Doctor Who during the day.

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tiana bowl

We’ve seen a million Disney Princess mashups, but we haven’t seen one this powerful since they were reimagined as piles of rocks.

I don’t know if the lukewarm nature of the water is artistically significant, but someone not only thought this idea up, but they took the time to create it and that is worthy of some sort of attention.

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avengers waffle iron

Paul Gitter, senior vice president of Marvel licensing at Disney Consumer Products, has revealed that you are about to live in a world where you can have official Avengers-themed small appliances. From waffle makers to coffee pots, to toasters, your kitchen has never been more heroic.

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So, if you’ve always wanted an Iron Man themed mini-fridge or just wanted to cook in a Hulk apron while drinking out of a Thor glass, you’re about to be one happy camper.

Look for new products later this year.

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Well, why not? Don’t people drink out of goblets? Is this not a goblet? Isn’t it a cup given to people when they win something? It seems to me that, if you’re going to all the trouble to win a trophy like this, the next logical step is to celebrate your win by drinking out of it, right?

I know, I know. Drinking beer out of it isn’t classy.

Try wine.

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han carbonite

Now you can cut the cheese on Han Solo’s frozen face. Really.

First a wall hanging, and now this glass cutting board. Will the indignities never end?

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While you may not be able to use any of the items on this Legend of Zelda inspired coffee mug against your coworkers when they make you crazy, you can enjoy being able to identify every object on it when your cubemate asks what theme your mug is. Some days, it’s the little things.

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kaiju cake

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