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Now you can tilt back a cold one from the throat of Darth Vader, Boba Fett or R2-D2 with these Star Wars Signature Steins by Underground Toys.

Each stein is 9″ tall and can hold up to 22 ounces of any beverage. They’re made of high quality ceramic and feature a head-hinged lid with genuine pewter.

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gingerbread enterprise

It’s a suicide mission. Then again, part of me thinks that this gingerbread Enterprise by Blackmarket Bakery was created to intentionally torture hungry Star Trek fans because it’s too perfect to eat.

Yeah well, I’m onto you Blackmarket. I don’t care how pretty this awesomely made and delicious ship replica is – I’ll break myself off a nacelle and part of the saucer section and nom while making pew pew noises and pretending it’s under attack.

This is seriously well done. Head after the break to see more pictures.

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maybe bears

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thor hammer mug

While no one but Thor can wield Mjolnir, you can take some pride in knowing that you’re worthy to wield this Thor’s Hammer Molded Mug and partake of any beverage you so choose.

I should add that this mug, unlike Mjolnir, is not virtually indestructible. So don’t put it in the dishwasher or microwave. Or, y’know, try and throw it.

Product Page ($15.99)


It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the owner Cakes Cove and the awesome stuff she makes. So, when I heard that she’s doing a Kickstarter to help open a retail location, I jumped in to help.

Then she went and sent me the pictures of this new Elsa cake and now I really want to help her get a shop because if she’s making things like this at home, can you imagine what she’d do with a dedicated space? She has 4 days to go and she could use your help.

Head after the break to see more pictures of this amazing Elsa cake along with the project video.

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sailor moon chopsticks

While I know these Sailor Moon chopsticks are made for eating, part of me wants to get them to wear as hairsticks. I think they’d be a pretty neat addition to a Sailor Moon cosplay.

Of course, eating with these chopsticks while you’re cosplaying sounds both fashionable and delicious. They currently come in Cutie Moon Rod, Moon Stick, and Pink Sugar Heart styles.

Product Pages: Cutie Moon Rod / Pink Sugar Heart / Moon Stick ($18.99)

deadpool luggage tag

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to announce that you have chimichangas in your luggage, but if you’re going to declare something, it may as well be delicious.

One thing’s for sure, if you have this Marvel Deadpool Chimichangas Luggage Tag on your bags, you’ll definitely know which non-descript black bag is yours when it comes down the chute.

Product Page ($6.80)

bobross car wrap

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agents of shield burgers

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hot topic aprons

Aprons are one of those things that you should definitely have if you like to cook. So, if you’re going to wear one, then shouldn’t it be a cool apron that shows off your style and originality?

Plus, if you wear these, you can make appropriate pew pew noises while you cook and pretend to be Luke Skywalker or Boba Fett. I mean, I wouldn’t be the only Star Wars fan to do that, right?

Product Pages: Boba Fett Character Apron / Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot Character Apron ($19.95)