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Why would you ever want to eat boring old bread after seeing these delicious and adorable looking loaves by Japanese baker konel_bread? They bake the designs into the bread so that every slice from the cylindrical loaves has a cute picture inside.

From Totoro to Snoopy to Hello Kitty, carbs have never been cuter. Check out more pics and a video below. [click to continue…]


Writer Julien Therrien has made the world a better place. Upon realizing that his cat Jackie bore “a glaring resemblance to the popular emoticon Pusheen The Cat” because of her “grayish color, lack of energy and morbid obesity”, Julien decided he had to recreate Pusheen Facebook stickers using his tubby Tabby. Thank you Julien.

The food-filled ones are especially good. Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]


I don’t think you can actually drink out of this Sailor Moon Rainbow Moon Chalice, but who cares about that when it can totally transform you into Super Sailor Moon*?

This replica of the 1994 Chalice has two settings that play different sounds including the transformation melody and an homage to the original theme. Plus, when you open the top, the crystal inside lights up in various colors.

Sailor Moon Rainbow Moon Chalice ($124.50)

*Okay, maybe I just wish this was true.

download-1-3Artist Hannah Alexander did a gorgeous set of art nouveau Disney princess illustrations. Enter cosplayer Ginny Di who organized a fantastic group of ladies who created this gorgeous cosplay based on Alexander’s designs.

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strawberry shortcake

Just like those Sanrio erasers that smelled so much like bubble gum that I tried to chew one in second grade, these new Strawberry Shortcake Funko Pops are going to be the death of me because the darn things are SCENTED.

Strawberry Shortcake and Custard, Blueberry Muffin and Cheesecake, Lemon Meringue and Frappe, and Orange Blossom and Marmalade are all going to be Funko Pops with appropriately sized pets—and I’m pretty sure I’ll end up choking to death on Custard at some point when I’m having a sugar craving.

What a way to go.

Strawberry Shortcake Funko Pops ($9.99)

princess-photo-callAfter living with her foster family since March 2014, 5-year-old Danielle and another little girl – 1-year-old Neveah – were formally adopted on June 8th by Sarah and Jim Koning.

To celebrate the moment, Danielle’s case worker asked one of her coworkers at Samaritas Foster Care Program and Child and Family services to dress up as Cinderella, since Danielle loves Disney princesses. The idea spread and, by the time of the hearing, eight Disney princesses and one Prince Charming were on hand for the hearing –– and the judge even dressed like Snow White!

Yay for happy endings! Check out the video on Fashionably Geek


Doctor Who and My Neighbor Totoro together on a cake? It’s perfection right down to the teeny Adiposes and Soot Sprites.

I’m conflicted though. I think this cake made by Little Cherry Cake Company is probably delicious, but I’d feel like a horrible person cutting into it. It’s so cute! Check out more pics after the break…


Drink from a dragon’s head with no killing and minimal clean up thanks to these Dragon Head Chalices (mugs?). How big does something have to be to be a chalice, anyway?

Either way, you can get them in red or black and they’re dragon heads and they’re cool. They’re kind of like these mugs we featured a few years back, but not as elaborate.

Did I mention dragons? [click to continue…]

hodor cake

After the events of Game Of Thrones episode “The Door”, it’s a good thing Kristian Nairn has a big heart and a great sense of humor because it’s pretty clear both will be needed in the aftermath of the episode.

The love for both Kristian and Hodor came in the form of a cake from the W Hotel’s pastry chef Rachel Newman. Nairn was kind enough to share the cake with Isaac Hempstead Wright who plays Bran.

Knowing that these two are friends and how loved Hodor is makes me feel a lot better. Check out more pics after the break…

captain-america-civil-war-animeWhether you’ve asked yourself the question or not, we now have an idea of what Captain America: Civil War would look like as an anime—and now I want a dang Captain America: Civil War anime!

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