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This tongue-in-cheek diorama was made for the Washington Post 2014 Peeps Diorama contest by Kate Hohman. It was inspired by the kids’ book Everyone Poops and it’s just precious. Not only are the Peeps sitting on the toilet pooping Marshmallow Fluff, but they’ve got appropriate marshmallow pictures on their walls including the Stay Puft marshmallow man.

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Just yesterday we posted about the wonder of Palcohol powdered alcohol. It is clearly a product ripe for abuse, and the amazing part was that it had been approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau for sale in the US. It looks like that approval may have been a mistake, but not for the reasons you might think.

According to CNNMoney, an email from the agency’s director of congressional and public affairs, Tom Hogue, said the approval was “in error.” Palchol has responded indicating that it’s just a labelling issue, not a problem with the product itself.

“We have been in touch with the TTB and there seemed to be a discrepancy on our fill level, how much powder is in the bag. There was a mutual agreement for us to surrender the labels,” says a statement on the Palcohol site. “This doesn’t mean that Palcohol isn’t approved. It just means that these labels aren’t approved. We will re-submit labels. We don’t have an expected approval date as label approval can vary widely.”

Waiting for government approval of anything can take awhile, so we’d best all sit back, grab a standard old glass of our favorite beverage, and wait to see if Palcohol will make it through another round of federal and state approvals.

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Steve Kardynal and Alex Negrete recorded these two mesmerizing videos of themselves being covered in a rain of various foods in slow motion, and then they decided to do something good as a result of all the attention their videos received:

After releasing these videos we realized how much of a close personal and cultural issue that world hunger truly is and how many of us it affects. Because of this, we decided to use the exposure our videos receive as a tool to raise awareness and help save lives. Every human being deserves to have a chance to live a happy life, and even a little step is a step in the right direction.

They set up a donation page to help Action Against Hunger and are planning on donating the majority of their profits from their videos.

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Palcohol powdered alcohol is here to save you from the horror of having to carry around a heavy bottle of booze. Instead, all you need is a packet of this powdered alcohol and 5 ounces of water. The idea comes from Mark Phillips who leads an active lifestyle and wanted an easier way to enjoy a drink after a day of activity like hiking or camping.

Even though this is powder, it is still alcohol so it will be sold just like alcohol in the US. And yes, this stuff has actually been approved by The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. There’s already a dehydrated beer out there, so alcohol is just the evolution of the concept.

We know what you’re thinking (which is part of the problem). From the Palcohol website:

Can I snort it? We have seen comments about goofballs wanting to snort it. Don’t do it! It is not a responsible or smart way to use the product. To take precautions against this action, we’ve added volume to the powder so it would take more than a half of a cup of powder to get the equivalent of one drink up your nose. You would feel a lot of pain for very little gain. Just use it the right way.

I’m sure that will stop all the goofballs from trying it. But what about sprinkling it over food?

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There are all sorts of special brews out there, but none claim a heritage like this 3,300-year-old Danish beer. Egtved Girl’s Brew is being made through a partnership between the Danish National Museum and Skand’s Brewery and is based on the dried residue found in an ancient bark beer bucket. The bucket was in a coffin along with the remains of the Egtved Girl, hence the name of the beer. Peter Steen Henriksen, curator of the museum, notes:

“We had the basic list for the beer, but the challenge was to find the relationship between the ingredients, and we had to taste our way to a result. So, is our new brew the drink Egtved girl’s people took to their graves? We cannot know for certain, but it’s an educated guess.”

The beer is said to have the flavor of a wheat beer with malt, honey, bog myrtle, and cranberry.

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It might seem that coffee cups live solely to provide you with a warm sip of caffeinated goodness in the mornings, but they have lives far beyond your coffee. At least, that’s what Sydney artist Paul Garbett will have you believing once you take a look at these coffee cup creations that feature everything from snowmen to skulls to monsters.

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These delicious treats are the brainchild of Melanie Makes. They’re made by wrapping peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough in a wonton wrapper and then frying them up to serve with powdered sugar. There’s also a side of chocolate ganache and she says a scoop of vanilla ice cream would work, too.

(Tasteologie via Neatorama)


Nothing tastes better than a frosted glass of beer when the weather gets hot, and now you can get that frosted glass in less than ten seconds with a comically overpriced and unnecessary machine. From the product page:

The unit connects to a CO2 tank or cylinder (not included) and its spout emits a frosty cloud that converts a typical, room temperature beer glass into an ice-cold mug in seconds. The unit’s wide spout allows the CO2 to completely cover a rocks glass for a margarita or a beer stein. The froster mounts to a bar or countertop with the included clamp (requires a minimum 2″ overhang) and takes up as little counter space as a coffee maker. A blue LED light casts a festive glow onto the glass as it is frosted. Includes three AA batteries that power the light.

Frosted glasses and a festive glow? It doesn’t get much better than, that people. Of course, you may want to stick with the freezer given the $400 price tag for the unit, $20 for the CO2 tank and $5 for refills.

Product Page ($399.95 7Gadgets via Gizmodo)


There’s nothing quite like snuggling up to your favorite pillow, especially when it’s shaped like a carrot. This body pillow for “loneliness” measures 4′ long and is made of orange fleece and filled with polyester fibers and beanbag filler. The green leaves on top add another 2′ of length making this a carrot fit for a monster of a bunny. From the description:

Yes, it is 4 feet long. Made of super-soft orange fleece and filled with polyester fibers and bean bag filler, it is a huggable “body pillow” and molds to your embrace. The carrot tops are whisper soft, and at almost 2 feet long wrap them around yourself and pretend they belong to someone else.

Do you still long for the carrot that got away? Its earthy smell and soft, fluttery leaves? When you were together, you felt so grounded. It was a healthy relationship.

But now it is over.

Curl up with a carrot or impress all the kids at the Easter egg hunt with this amazing giant vegetable.

I admit. Sometimes I do lie awake at night thinking about the carrot that got away.

Product Page ($88 via Neatorama)


The embattled Sriracha factory in Irwindale, California has been officially declared a public nuisance by the Irwindale City Council. This comes after residents complained and the South Coast Air Quality Management District was called in to assess the matter.

Don’t panic and start stockpiling your sriracha just yet. The installation of a new carbon filtration system is expected to help and Huy Fong Foods has until June 1st before the public nuisance order takes effect.

(LA Times via io9/ Image via cookbookman17)