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Now we know what the drink of choice is at Torchwood. Captain Jack’s Original Hypervodka is likely to wash away a day’s worth of trouble, and possibly transport you to another place in time entirely.

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This is just the thing to have on hand next time the Doctor wanders into your kitchen looking for something to drink. It looks just like a sonic screwdriver, but pop off the tip and it’s a handy dandy bottle opener. Is there anything the sonic can’t do?

Well…Wood. It doesn’t do wood.

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Caffeine keeps us all going, especially on those early mornings, and this little guy is ready for anything. Look at that fierce grimace. Nothing can stop you when caffeine is on the job.

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This Japanese cat cafe located in Tokyo’s Kichijoji is the most adorable cafe ever, with or without cats. It’s called Temari no Ouchi and it opened a year ago and serves a selection of food and drinks to its cat-loving patrons. Admission is just $11.81 on weekdays and $14.80 on weekends and holidays. It looks like a wonderful place to relax, for cats and people. As Kotaku notes, it looks like it was influenced by Studio Ghibli anime.

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This brawl between two drunk Russian guys is pretty funny to watch, but add in some Street Fighter sound effects and it’s hysterical. Watch as Vodkaman and Drunkenstein swing and miss, and miss, and then fall over on their faces. Really, someone needs to move that car out of the way before one of these guys decides to smash it in a bonus stage.

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got mugs top

These coffee mugs feature adorable 8-bit versions of the characters from Game of Thrones. You can choose from the Lannisters, Daenerys with her dragons, characters of the North, Daenerys with characters of Essos, or characters on the run. Wait, isn’t that last one pretty much everyone depending on the day?

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Cooking may not be rocket science, but that didn’t stop actual University of Oxford rocket scientist Thomas Povey from applying his smarts to the design possibilities of the sauce pan. He created the Flare Pan which uses a third of the gas and cooks 30% faster than standard pans.

The idea first came to Povey when he was hiking at high altitude and needed to boil a pot of water. He then worked with his students for three years to perfect the design until the cast aluminum pan with ridged fins became the finished product. Those who have done mountaineering may be familiar with something called JetBoil which is a compact system used to boil water. It’s got a similar ridged design. When asked about the similarities, Povey told io9:

I was actually working on this project before the Jetboil was patented, with designs very similar to the Jetboil, so that was not — as you speculate — the inspiration, but is certainly a great product which good design and function – I own one myself. More recently we started to look at household applications, where the optimisation problem is more difficult (needs to work on conventional gas stove, needs to be cleanable, look good, durable in kitchen environment). The design that resulted is the result of that rather different optimisation challenge.

So, looks like similar concepts applied to two different design problems.

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Clearly, there is a hardcore Ghostbusters fanbase that is willing to go to great lengths to own everything possible that has been made in conjunction with the films. This 46-ounce can of Hi-C Ecto Cooler was produced sometime around 1986 and is now up for auction on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $2433. From the product page:

One of the greatest treasures you may possibly ever find on ebay!
An unopened can of the beloved Ecto Cooler 46 FL OZ.

For the Ultimate fan or maybe just someone who really wants to have a 20+ year flashback.

I am not quite sure of the date it was produced but the copyright on the label is 1986 . Top of can reads K3160 CT293 5c DEPOSIT ME

There are a few light tears on label and some light staining as seen. Also the can is slightly bent as seen.

Feel free to ask any questions and make any offer.

Forget not being afraid of no ghosts, this stuff has the potential to poison you and turn you into one!

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These illustrations of BioShock plasmids done up in the styles of different video games would look truly beautiful sitting on a shelf in your liquor cabinet. They’re the work of artist Sylvia Schneider. Th’um of Dovahkiin sounds like it could be interesting, but there’s no way I’m trusting a bottle of anything from Aperture Science.

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Although fried Twinkies have been around for awhile, this version of the treat by Oh, Bite It! adds a new twist. Instead of just frying a batter dipped Twinkie, she rolled them in pastry sheets and then fried them. Add a little powdered sugar, and you’re in fried food heaven.

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