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Everyone is excited because Fall is here so it’s time to pumpkin all the things. Usually it’s lattes, muffins, and donuts, but this time, it’s your burger. You start with a coffee-rubbed grass-fed beef patty, then add caramelized onion, pumpkin spiced duck bacon, pumpkin aioli, lettuce and tomato all sandwiched on a brioche bun. Pumpkin spiced duck bacon? Who knew that was even a thing?

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There’s nothing quite like digging into that box of hot, tasty, french fries the second you pull away from the drive through, but here’s a reason to make sure you’re grabbing fries and not something less edible. A woman in New York has filed a lawsuit because there was an employee’s nametag in with her fries and she accidentally put it into her mouth.

She was pregnant at the time and not did she only hurt her mouth on the pin, but her lawyer says she suffered emotional and mental injuries on “realizing that food isn’t always safe to eat.” This is just great. Now, in addition to being warned that our hot coffee is hot, are they going to warn us to look at our food to make sure it’s food before we shove it into our mouths?

(Staten Island Advance via Consumerist / Image via Shane Ronemus)


This fantastic Iron Man cake is the work of Dolci Pasteleria in Mexico. They did an amazing job recreating his armor with a segmented design that makes it all look very real, but the best parts are the eyes and arc reactor. Both light up to make the cake look well and truly just like Iron Man.

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You may have never thought to infuse bacon, caramel and bourbon into a milkshake, but I bet now that you know it exists, you’re heading to Red Robin for dinner. The chain announced that they will be offering a Beam-N-Bacon Boozy Shake which will include Jim Beam’s maple bourbon, caramel, bacon bits, vanilla ice cream, and a strip of candied bacon as a stirrer. If you want to try one of these sinful concoctions, you have until November 2nd when this limited time item will disappear.

(USA Today via Consumerist)


Ready or not, here they come. Ramen filled donuts are a thing in Japan. We’ve already got ramen burgers, so donuts are the next logical step. Japanese restaurant chain Osaka Ohsho is making the special donuts for a limited time only.

They might sound odd, but if you think savory rather than sweet they start to look pretty good. The ramen donuts even won a competition which featured 100 entries by employees of Osaka Ohsho. You can try them for about $2 each through September 30th.

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Next time you have your friends over for a party, break out these nerdy bowls. You have your choice between a zombie head or a D20. The die actually splits into two pieces with the top holding 14 ounces and the bottom holding 12 ounces. The zombie head holds 32 ounces. Both are microwave and dishwasher safe.

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It’s a given that working a job in fast food can be difficult, but one Chipotle location pushed their workers too far so the whole staff quit at once. The location in State College, Pennsylvania was forced to close with the workers posting this sign on the door as an explanation.

It has since reopened, with Chipotle claiming it was only a few workers who quit with the majority “enthusiastic to return to work”. Let’s hope conditions have improved for whoever is making those burritos.

(The Daily Collegian via Gawker)


We’ve already seen a burger with black buns, and that was weird enough. But this time Burger King went even further with black cheese.

According to NariNari, the Kuro (Black) burgers will be available in two varieties they’re calling Kuro Pearl and Kuro Diamond. They have buns and cheese made with bamboo charcoal, an onion and garlic sauce made with squid ink and beef patties made with black pepper.

You can get these limited edition burgers beginning later this month. Black cheese though? Yuck.

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This billboard made by Michelle Wibowo looks beautiful, but it tastes even better because it’s entirely edible. It advertises the UK’s largest cake manufacturer, Mr. Kipling, so naturally it’s made of cakes.

The whole thing measures 20 feet by 10 feet and is constructed of 13,360 Mr. Kipling cakes. It took Wibowo 6 hours to construct, and yes, once it was unveiled, they let everyone dig in.

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Everyone dies in Game of Thrones so it’s always good to have a drink handy to drown your sorrows when George R.R. Martin breaks your heart. These slate coasters with the sigils of House Targaryen, Lannister, Stark, and Tyrell are the perfect way to protect your tables from damage. If only it was so easy to protect your heart.

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