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hedwig cupcakes

These adorable Hedwig the owl cupcakes are perfect for your next Harry Potter themed party, or the next party your kids have at school. Watch as Rosanna Pansino of Nerdy Nummies walks you through the process of creating these tasty treats from start to finish.

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Barista Michael Breach works the night shift, so during his ample down time he taught himself how to make some incredible latte works of art. There are a lot of wonderfully nerdy designs like the TARDIS and Jabba the Hutt, but he also takes requests and does beautiful portraits of his patrons.

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Leave it to Scotland to come up with Whisky and Haggis potato chips. Yeah, that whole haggis thing might be a deal breaker, but the whisky part of it all might just be worth the risk. They’re the concoction of Mackie’s of Scotland and sadly are not available in the US.

(via CoolMaterial)


No need to worry about having enough chairs, or room on your grill when you have “America’s Finest Grill” at your service. First off, the grill is very patriotic with its George Washington riding an eagle while holding a hot dog graphic and its Mount Rushmore condiment dispenser. It’s also ridiculously huge. And did I mention its Bluetooth wireless sound system? Because there’s that, too.

It has a built-in table to seat 8 of your friends and 2 beer kegs along with 1600 feet of grilling space. Grill masters get a double-wide grill with 7 burners and 114,000 BTUs that can take on nearly 100 hot dogs at one time. The project is a joint effort between Ball Park, Patrick Norton and Discovery Communications and is part of promoting Ball Park’s new Park’s Finest hot dogs.

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Here’s a creative and likely very expensive way to bring unique design your kitchen. Robert Kolenik has designed this kitchen island to be a huge saltwater aquarium. It is an absolutely gorgeous centerpiece with a countertop workspace, cabinet storage on one side, a sink, and even working burners for cooking.

As brilliant as it looks, the real trick is in how to access the tank to keep it clean as well as accessing the pipes and hoses for the sink and burners. The problem is solved by pushing a button that activates a contraption that lifts the entire countertop right off of the tank.

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First, there was duct tape in plain, boring silver. It adorned countless broken things and held together many a car past its prime. It didn’t take long for things to get fancy with patterned duct tape that featured everything from jelly beans to skateboards, and now you can even get the stuff scented. Duck Tape Scents are a new line of tapes that smell like grape, mint, and even cupcakes. You’ll be hungry before you even start to fix your next broken tail light.

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These little tools are designed to imprint Hello Kitty’s face onto the mini hot dogs found in Bento boxes. The set has one tool with just her face and another that is her face with a heart. You also get matching Hello Kitty toothpicks.

How we’ve all lived so long without this product is beyond me.

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buffalo wing donut

Yes, you read that correctly. Tim Horton’s has created a buffalo wing doughnut that you can currently purchase at the New York State Fair. This Frankendonut is a pull-apart yeast doughnut that is dunked in either hot or mild sauce and then topped with crushed chips. There’s even a side of ranch dressing. I think I’ll stick with chocolate glazed.

(Grub Street via Consumerist / Image: @AsEatenOnTV)


Some moms put an extra treat or a little note into their child’s lunch to bring a smile to their face, but Nina Levy does one better. She creates beautiful works of napkin art with a very geeky vibe. Part of what makes these so good is that she mixes up the universes like Pikachu with a Portal gun, or Rocket Raccoon hanging out with Grumpy Cat.

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Here’s a handy gadget that turns your toast into an adorable 3D teddy bear. It’s like a toast version of a cookie cutter and it even comes with interchangeable faces so your happy teddy toast can give you one of three different smiles. He’s the work of Japanese company Tokyo Hands and will surely send kids off to school happy.

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