Jonathan Fallon

ThinkGeek is providing a new way for us to express our love of video games through mundane objects with this series of Super Mario 3D Lenticular Coasters. [click to continue…]

Pokémon fanatics will recognize Poké Balls as devices used to catch and store Pocket Monsters. However, Bandai is changing things up a bit with a series of 11 Poké Balls designed to dispense breath mints. [click to continue…]

Dairy Farmers of Canada have found a way to promote their products while also tugging at your heartstrings with their new video Mia & Morton. If Pixar made a promotional video about Canadian cheese, it might look something like this. [click to continue…]

Hoboken, New Jersey’s Tony Baloney’s is setting itself apart from other pizzerias with this massive pizza that’s topped with tacos and guacamole. Naturally, it was inspired by stoners. [click to continue…]

Since it’s the season for all things Creme Egg, Epic Meal Time has decided to make the Easter staple the centerpiece of a ridiculous 200lb chocolate bar that cost over $1200 to make. [click to continue…]

Which is worse/better? Peeps on a pizza or Cadbury Creme Eggs on a pizza? This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the latter option, but London pizzeria Crust Bros and the online delivery service Deliveroo are taking the concept to another level. [click to continue…]

YouTuber PeterSripol has repurposed the iconic KFC bucket into a flying machine by using two of them as Flettner rotors on an RC model airplane. The design employs a phenomenon known as the Magnus Effect, which generates lift by putting a backspin on a cylinder or sphere.

As the video below details, the process was a blur of crashes, repairs and a complete redesign – and in the end, the model only flew a little better than an actual chicken. [click to continue…]

You’re not getting drunk—you’re conducting a very important chemistry experiment. [click to continue…]

NYC-based eatery Pop Pasta has combined the popular Neapolitan spaghetti pie with an American donut to create a new frankenfood aptly referred to as the spaghetti donut. [click to continue…]

French chef Cédric Grolet has put a fun spin on the petit four by stacking the tiny cakes into edible Rubik’s Cubes. [click to continue…]