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Lucas Peterson of Lucky Peach has done us all a service by ranking Hostess snacks based not only on their taste, but how appropriate they would be as pet names.

The results are obviously subjective, but nonetheless they will surely serve as a vital resource for those who are wondering how their sweet tooth compares to that of others, or how accepting the public would be of a dog named “Ho Ho” or “Jumbo Honey Bun”.

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HellthyJunkFood has applied the “bigger is better” philosophy to the grilled cheese sandwich, resulting in a 3,650 calorie behemoth that requires 20 slices of cheddar to produce. [click to continue…]

Pastry chef/cookbook author Heather Bairs (aka Sprinklebakes) has recently been reading up on galaxies, animal constellations and the associated mythology. Among them was a Cherokee story about an otherworldly spirit dog that stole a ration of cornmeal and ran to the sky, spilling it as he traveled and creating the Milky Way. [click to continue…]

Pop-Tarts Of Terror

Graphic designer Newt Cloninger-Clements is tired of waiting around for Kellogg’s to release horror movie-themed Pop-Tarts, so he decided to work his magic to create a series of Tarts to show the world what could be. The series covers themes that range from Friday the 13th to The Walking Dead.

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As excellent as these are, the would likely pale in comparison to the horror of “The House Without Toaster Pastries”. See more examples below. [click to continue…]

After two years of testing Taco Bell has announced that their Naked Chicken Chalupa will finally be rolling out nationwide. [click to continue…]

Mark Windsor of Full Windsor has redesigned the survivalist’s multitool to give it a food focus, combining 10 essential tools into a convenient 20 ounce device. [click to continue…]

Easter is still months away, but Cadbury has an Oreo-stuffed eggs that you’ll want to keep on your radar.

Apparently they were introduced in Canada last year and have since debuted in the UK. There’s currently no word on when (or if) the eggs will become available in the U.S., but stay vigilant. Never give up hope. [click to continue…]

Keurig is looking to get in on the booze market by teaming up with Anheuser-Busch InBev to produce an “in-home alcohol drink system”. [click to continue…]

Inspired by the MythBusters rocket sled, YouTuber “The Backyard Scientist” created a rocket-powered knife that was able to perfectly bisect a chicken, a roast steak… and a toy car. [click to continue…]

In recent years, Umino Seaweed and international ad agency I&S BBDO joined forces in order to give sushi a new level of artistry. [click to continue…]