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While watching the 2002 Spider-Man film, Mark Lorch’s mind wandered from the plot and began focusing on what kind of breakfast Spidey would have to consume to spend the day shooting silk. Naturally.

The process began with determining the strength of his material and the force applied to it before moving on to the amount of protein that would have to be consumed to fuel the production process. As his benchmark, Lorch chose the European garden spider, whose silk is similar to piano wire, and calculated a force of 735 Newtons for a weight of 165lbs. In order to produce 100 yards of this silk, Peter Parker would have to down 15 eggs for breakfast. However, as Lorch then pointed out on The Conversation

“spider silk consists predominantly of a protein call fibroin. Proteins are made from different amino acids, and fibroin is about 42% glycine. While egg consists of just 10.7% glycine and serine (I’m counting serine because it can be easily converted to glycine). So really Spidey needs to consume four times more egg protein than the silk protein he plans to use. So actually he needs 60 eggs for his 100m of silk.”

This is further complicated if he wants to swing around with MJ, as that feat that would require about 900 eggs.

The moral of this story? Never follow Spider-Man into a bathroom.

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Designer Jolene Carlier believes that people have been denied the pleasure of witnessing their popcorn pop for far too long, and decided to reimagine the process with a new device that is aptly named “The Popcorn Monsoon”.

The machine uses hot air to create a whirlwind of popcorn that looks similar to the aerial dance performed by lotto balls before they hand you a steaming bowl of disappointment. However, in this case you get an enjoyable performance and a snack.

Unfortunately, the Popcorn Monsoon is only a concept at this point, but you can still see it in action by checking out the video after the jump.

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The effort to convert everything associated with weaponry into some sort of drinking accessory continues with these Whiskey Bullet Beverage Chillers. They provide a unique look and a “mellow” chill without diluting the flavor of your spirit with melted tap water.

They also feature rounded edges to prevent scratches.

The bullet chillers come in a set of six, and can also be engraved for a potentially misunderstood gift-giving experience.

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You may think that the world is awash in stupid baby names, but a French court found it necessary to step in and actually ban a family from calling their kid “Nutella”, stating that naming a human being after a hazelnut spread is “contrary to the child’s interest” and “can only lead to teasing or disparaging thoughts”.

See Also: A Man Named Jack Daniels Named His Son Jim Beam Because Of Course

The parents showed their feelings by skipping out on a scheduled court appearance, prompting the court to shorten the baby’s name to “Ella” – a move that will surely be recognized only in an official capacity.

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One day, someone picked up a A2 Flash Hider and was struck with idea that the design could be modified from limiting the flash of a firearm to holding 10 oz of booze. That moment of inspiration led directly to the Middy Tactical Rocks Glass, a mil-spec hardcoat anodized, aluminum drinking vessel that is now available for pre-order with shipping expected to begin sometime this month.

The Rocks Glass will take its place alongside its smaller 1.5 oz shot glass counterpart, the Muzzleshot (pictured after the jump), which can be accessorized with t-shirts, an SKB four-shot carrying case or a variety of carrying pouches.

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Frito-Lay recently posted this creepily realistic image of Chester Cheetah to announce the upcoming release of “Sweetos” – the latest addition to their Cheetos line of products. As the name implies, Sweetos will dispense with the signature cheese taste and instead provide the flavor of cinnamon and sugar in familiar puff form.

The move, which marks the brand’s first foray into sweetness territory in their 67 year history, is all part of an effort to appeal to consumers who want a sweet taste without resorting to overly sugary products, and it appears that additional flavors will be added to the line in the future. The company has also paid attention to those who are accustomed to the mounds of cheese dust that make up the Cheetos experience, and have promised “a similar playful experience when eating Sweetos”.

The product will hit shelves in late February, with 7 ounce bag of the cinnamon flavor setting you back $3.49.

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You may think that an Irish taco would be doused with booze before having punches thrown at it in the rain, but as Conan O’Brien recently demonstrated, you would only be partially right.

After noticing that one of his employees is a Taco Bell superfan, Coco treated him to a behind the scenes look at the restaurant’s headquarters in California. In the process, they visited the test kitchen and were given the opportunity to make their own creations, which included the marriage of tacos and ice cream cones in “La Cone-A”, The Hands-Free Burrito (which didn’t arrive in time for this guy), and finally the Irish “O’Taco”, which consists of cabbage, mashed potatoes and corn beef topped with Guinness.

The entire visit is chronicled in the video after the break, and includes a taste test of the chain’s experimental “quesalupa”, an in-house museum tour, and employees’ awkward banter with a TV host.

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Some college students in North Carolina may have to go without their staple meal for awhile after a tractor-trailer accident resulted in a bounty of Ramen noodles being spread across interstate 95 near Rocky Mount.

The truck’s driver reportedly nodded off at the wheel and slammed into an overpass support, splitting the trailer in half and prompting a spontaneous noodle exodus. Thankfully, nobody was injured in the crash, but a detour had to be set up while crews cleaned up what surely amounted to tens of dollars worth of product which was then transported to a local landfill.

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In what is surely terrible news for anyone who treats their car like a mobile cafeteria, an Alabama man was pulled over and cited for distracted driving in Georgia after he was observed eating a McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder for two consecutive miles. The offense, which I will refer to as “DWB” (driving with burger) is part of an increasing crackdown on face-stuffing drivers in states such as California, New Jersey and Illinois.

Even though a traffic lawyer has reported that the distracted driver law does not explicitly mention food, the man was still considered to be straying from safe vehicle operation and was slapped with a ticket, a February court date and the following sage advice: “You can’t just go down the road eating a hamburger.”

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If you’re sick of getting smacked in the face with a shot glass while downing your Jagerbomb, or are merely looking for a unique way to mix drinks, the Snapshotr dual-chamber shot glass is about to provide a much more convenient way for you to get loaded.

Developed by some entrepreneurs in college (where else?), the Snapshotr’s one-of-a-kind, patent-pending design separates two liquids vertically and provides users with total control over the amount of time between shots. The result is being touted as “the world’s smoothest shot” and “the latest innovation in the drink-ware industry”. Plus, for those who weren’t immediately sold at the word “loaded”, the vessel is made in the USA, is BPA and BPS-free, and dishwasher friendly.

Hit the jump to check out a demonstration video.

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