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Redditor “zannrael” decided to forgo traditional gift wrapping techniques in favor of an extremely unique method that transforms presents into (mostly) mundane items from the grocery store, including a stick of butter, a steak, fish fillet, sushi, and more.

Unfortunately, the person that gets the giant Hershey bar might end up being disappointed with the actual gift.

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german tank

How precise is the stabilization system on the gun of this German tank? Good enough for it to balance a mug of beer at high speed over rough terrain without losing a drop.

Watch German engineering at its finest in the video below.

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Redditor “mammakjeks” picked up a Tandberg model TV3-47 television from a second hand store for 30 bucks and proceeded to repurpose it into a unique liquor cabinet.

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As cool as it looks, the process could pose some danger. Therefore, if you plan on doing this yourself, you may want to learn how to properly and safely discharge the device, as it can apparently hold a charge for quite some time.

Check out the gallery below to see how it was done.

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Domino’s is making pizza ordering even simpler by launching one-click ordering in the UK. Basically, it’s an official version of that Amazon Dash button pizza hack we featured back in September.

“The Easy Order” is available as both a physical button (paired with an app over Bluetooth) and a virtual button. Customers can simply save their data on the Domino’s website and click the button like its a Life Alert for your appetite.

The physical buttons will debut in the UK in December by way of a “socially led” competition, followed by a second release in February. Meanwhile, the digital Easy Order button sits inside the official Domino’s app and is available for use immediately.

There’s no word on if or when the button might be available in the states.

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For their latest stunt, the Slow Mo Guys wasted 1,000 tubes of Go-Gurt by crushing it with a giant weight and filming the carnage between 1000 and 2500fps.

Strangely enough, the experiment was actually sponsored by Go-Gurt, proving that any exposure is good exposure, even if your product is being destroyed rather than consumed.

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Nestle Japan is offering cat lovers the opportunity to take their relationship to the next level with a fancy meal prepared so you and your feline friend can dine together.


A chef will come to a customer’s house to cook and serve courses for kitty with Nestle’s new MonPetit cat food—beginning with a prepared pouch of MonPetit maguro and bonito, then MonPetit soup with maguro, crab, and sardines, a main course of MonPetit roast chicken with vegetable sauce and a dessert of MonPetit seafood treats.

The human will not be fed cat food per se, but will be served dishes with similar ingredients.

The service is only available for the month of December and customers must live near Tokyo and be able to cover the 22,222 yen (US$180) price tag.

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right cup

If you’re turned off by water’s lack of flavor, a new product called The Right Cup may help you get the recommended eight glasses a day.

The cup features FDA-approved fruity scents and flavors of oranges, berries, lemon-lime, or apples baked into the cup itself. The idea is to to trick your brain into thinking that you’re actually drinking juice, all while leaving the water itself unaffected.

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A group of bros were reported for drunk driving motorized picnic tables through the busy streets of Perth, Australia.

Police are apparently pissed and concerned, stating that they are risking their safety an the safety of others by driving unlicensed, un-roadworthy vehicles while drunk and wearing no protective clothing.

The world waits with bated breath to see if this story ends with a police chase.

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In January, Nestle Japan is planning to release a limited edition series of 500 Kit-Kat bars wrapped in gold leaf. The $17 bars will be available exclusively at Nestle’s Kit-Kat specialty store “Chocolatory” in celebration of the store welcoming over a million visitors since opening last year.

If you’re lucky enough to nab one, maybe you should put it away for a rainy day. Wait for the price of gold to rise and sell it to some idiot on eBay and make your fortune.

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To celebrate the return of the McRib, and probably achieve a level of viral glory, YouTuber “LtMkilla” decided to stack 10 on top of each other and consume them all at once. As you’ll see, the process involved emphatically declaring his love and getting his eat on in a pretty annoying and NSFW way.

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