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Kellogg Company Cereal Cafe 4

In a partnership with the collaborative restaurant resource Journee, Kellogg’s will be opening a permanent cafe in Times Square that will be focused entirely on cereal-based culinary creations.

The recipes for the new Kellogg’s Cafe were created by Milk Bar founder, chef and owner Christina Tosi, while the establishment’s simple dining room was developed by Chipman Design and decorated with chalk art by artist Steven Fragale.

The cafe is set to open at 8am on July 4th and will maintain limited hours until July 12th. Afterwards the cafe will begin its regular hours of 7am-11pm seven days a week.

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As we’ve seen in the past, Steve1989 has a thing for sampling ancient MREs. However, he recently reached a milestone by eating the oldest military ration yet – a piece of hardtack from the Civil War.

Hardtack is a cracker-like substance that lacks moisture, allowing it to remain edible for a lengthy period. However, letting an already unappetizing food age for 153 years before consumption is bound to result in some funky flavors, and Steve described them in detail in the video below. [click to continue…]


A Japanese brand called “Turn Over” has released three new backpack designs that make it look like you’re carrying around a giant piece of sushi on your back.

Just what I’ve always wanted.

The giant sushi backpack is available in egg, salmon, and shrimp varieties. It appears to offer a decent amount of space for things like water bottles and mobile devices. However, there doesn’t seem to be any provisions for transporting actual raw fish, which will be a bummer for anyone who was hoping to become the pied piper of stray cats.

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Hasbro has created a not-so-perfect example of Mr. Potato Head in order to serve as a spokesperson for a new campaign aimed at reducing food waste.

The purpose of the initiative is to spread the message that fruits and vegetables don’t have to be geometrically perfect and blemish-free to be edible. The so-called “Wonky Mr. Potato Head” reflects this by utilizing a more biologically-accurate potato shape.

The limited edition Wonky Mr. Potato Head toy is actually up for auction on eBay for the next few days with all of the proceeds from the sale going to charity. [click to continue…]


Welcome to the PizzaDome.

The portable wood burning stove from BioLite includes an integrated thermometer to monitor temperatures and ensure even cooking while offering a foodsafe ceramic stone to preserve crispness. Its dome can also be used as a traditional lid to speed up the process.

However, the biggest draw will be its charger for mobile devices that is powered by heat produced from the fire – a must for those who want to enjoy the outdoors without completely immersing oneself in the atmosphere.

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In an “I see what you did there” moment, Jersey Jack Gelato in Perth, Western Australia created an offering called “Little Mostro” which consists of a massive cone stuffed with three scoops of gelato and two mini cones topped with whatever you can handle. It looks like the perfect respite from the brutal Australian summer (which begins in December).

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Using Blender 3D modeling software, Kugane Production generated this CG burger that will fool your appetite into generating hunger pangs and drool.

The motivation behind the project is unclear (perhaps the joys of creating a virtual burger were enough), but for those who demand proof, there is a brief video after the jump that lifts the veil to reveal the CGI renderings beneath. [click to continue…]


Using Game of Thrones book series A Song Of Ice And Fire as inspiration, Cocktail Chemistry created a themed drink that is simultaneously frozen and flaming.

As you’ll see in the video below, the recipe requires a delicate hand, patience and caution. It will also give you a brief, entertaining show before it helps get you bombed. [click to continue…]


Since isopods are a thing that’s popular in Japan, we now have an isopod tea infuser. It was only a matter of time I suppose.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to travel to the Numazu Deepblue Aquarium in Japan’s Shizuoka Prefecture to get one. One user commented that tea kept gushing out of the crustacean’s bottom holes, making it “grosser than expected”… We imagine that its weird looking smile didn’t help.

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Robot manufacturer Boston Dynamics has created a new contraption dubbed “SpotMini”. It’s kind of like a robot dog dinosaur thing that does all of your chores and humiliates itself for your amusement.

The device, which weighs between 55-65lbs, uses a long articulated arm, electric motors, and a bevy of sensors to navigate various environments and can stay active for a full 90 minutes on a single charge.

As you’ll see in the demo video below, the SpotMini can climb stairs, do the dishes, recycle and deliver snacks and drinks – it can even conquer a slip on a banana peel. If that’s not enough, its googly eyes will ensure comedic relief wherever it goes. [click to continue…]