Jonathan Fallon

When an Assistant Astronomy Professor bakes a nerdy cake, you might get something like this. Keren Sharon put her knowledge and cake crafting skills to work creating this edible example of the James Webb Space Telescope. [click to continue…]

One of the food world’s most hotly debated subjects is whether Five Guys or In-N-Out produces the best hamburger. A recent poll crowned Five Guys the winner for 2017, but In-N-Out fans are holding fast to their claim of burger superiority.

Hellthy JunkFood has decided to weigh in on the matter, holding a competition between homemade versions of each chain’s burger while also providing recipes. While each looked delicious, there could only be one champion, and it was up to the legendary Daym Drops to make the final determination. [click to continue…]

The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York has a reputation for reimagining the bagel, having previously reached internet stardom with a rainbow offering. Their latest creation is the galaxy bagel, which consists of black, blue, and purple dough swirled together and topped with pink and blue edible glitter. [click to continue…]

For too long, Americans have had to watch as Kinder Surprise eggs became one of the world’s favorite candies, unable to partake in any of the 3.5 billion sold annually because FDA regulations prohibit the inclusion of a toy inside the egg. [click to continue…]

Rather than water down patrons’ beverages with regular ice cubes, Starbucks is testing giving customers the option to have their drink chilled with chunks of frozen coffee (for an extra fee of course). [click to continue…]

In pursuit of a Guinness World Record, Welsh horticulturist Mike Smith and Nottingham Trent University teamed up and bred a pepper that is so hot that it could actually cause a person insane enough to consume it to go into life-threatening anaphylactic shock. [click to continue…]

Emily Seilhamer has spent four years saving 10,000 Starburst wrappers in order to create a dress that is not only impressive because of its material, but also because of its stunning colors and design. [click to continue…]

After years of commercials showing M&M’s as sentient beings, the internet couldn’t help but take notice of what appears to be a horrific act occurring on the label of the new caramel offering. [click to continue…]

Kellogg’s continues to blur the line between breakfast and dessert with the announcement that Jolly Rancher-flavored Pop-Tarts are on the way. [click to continue…]

Studio Ghibli has created the anime fan’s ideal summer travel accessory in the form of these handkerchief / snack sets based on characters from the classic Hayao Miyazaki film My Neighbor Totoro. [click to continue…]