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In recent years, Umino Seaweed and international ad agency I&S BBDO joined forces in order to give sushi a new level of artistry. [click to continue…]

Pitmasters may have a new weapon of choice to add to their BBQ arsenal with this Tactical Folding BBQ Fork that is designed to look like a butterfly knife/balisong and comes complete with a bottle opener. Think of how badass you’ll look flipping this thing around over the grill. [click to continue…]

Percy the cat has long been a food thief according to his owner, Sophia Lindner. Over time, he has pilfered chocolate cupcakes, PayDay bars, popcorn, ham, chicken, beef jerky, pasta and Cheez-Its, and has honed his skills so he can steal from tupperware containers, cupboards, and even backpacks.

However, he was recently caught red pawed while trying to confiscate a cinnamon bun from the Christmas table, and the resulting photo of the incident captures Percy at the exact moment that he realizes the jig is up. [click to continue…]

M&Ms is ringing in the new year and celebrating Valentine’s Day with a new White Cheesecake flavor that was recently spotted at Walmart by a reader of The Impulsive Buy.

The new product will join the recently announced caramel-filled offering, although there’s no word on how long it will be sticking around. Beyond this, there doesn’t seem to be any reports on how these things taste, so for the time being, buying them will be a journey into the unknown. [click to continue…]

A new UK show called Carjackers is kind of like Pimp My Ride, only with the opposite goal. [click to continue…]


Nestle has installed an intricate Rube Goldberg machine in Japan that will not only brew you a cup of coffee using one of their Bluetooth coffee makers, but will do so while playing Christmas songs. [click to continue…]


If you view a burger’s bun as a needless, meatless waste of calories, a Tokyo restaurant called Shake Tree has your back with their new “Wild Out” burger.

The offering consists of two patties, cheese, fixings, a slice of tomato… and no bun. Despite this, the establishment does ask that patrons consume it like a normal burger, meaning it’s probably not for those who prefer clean eating.

The burger is currently available for 1,450 yen (US$12.34) and can also be modified with extra meat. Meat on meat on meat. [click to continue…]


Ahead of the World Pie Eating Championships in Wigan, England, a group of space enthusiasts aimed to make history by becoming the first to send a meat and potato pie into space.

The pastry was attached to a weather balloon and sent aloft while a camera filmed the action. Ostensibly, this was an extremely British science experiment with a very lofty goal. From the BBC:

The aim is to see if its journey up to 100,000ft (30km) changes the molecular structure of the pie making it quicker to eat.

As you’ll see in the video below, the stunt went off without a hitch, although we don’t get to see whether it survived the impact following its return to Earth… or the sheep that appear to be near the landing site. [click to continue…]


Sarah Collins will be celebrating Christmas this year with her one true love: pizza. In fact, her affection and dedication was deep enough for the world’s most perfect food to make an appearance on her Christmas card.

“I chose pizza because it’s [sic] always answers my calls, comforts me when I need it, and gives my stomach a warm hug. I foresee that Pizza and I will be together for a long time to come. Even if I find another love I believe that pizza and I will keep an open relationship.”

Since the signs are so good, we expect that Sarah may next follow in the footsteps of Nicole Larson, who recently posed for engagement photos with her Pizza Hut fiancé.

(Reddit via Elite Daily)


Starbucks is following up its Upstanders video series with a new project entitled 1st & Main. [click to continue…]