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Not surprisingly, Germany is on the cutting edge of sausage technology.

Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI) is applying robotics to bratwurst in the form of “BratWurst Bot” – a one-armed automated machine that can take orders and prepare and serve sausages without any human intervention.

The device was constructed entirely with off-the-shelf parts, including a Universal Robots UR-10 arm, Schunk PG-70 standard parallel gripper, two RGB cameras and a conventional pair of tongs.

Customers can place custom orders using a tablet that will sync with a tablet carried by the robot. They’re served based on their order in the queue.

Even if you don’t understand all the technical details, you can still be wowed by the demo video below, which is intended to show how the device could benefit the service industry down the road. Sausages are only the beginning people. [click to continue…]


As a special gift for aptly-named YouTuber “Dr. Pimple Popper”, California-based bakery Blessed by Baking created these vile pimple cupcakes with edible pus-filled cores.

To up to gross factor, the desserts emit bright yellow lemon curd or custard when squeezed, which are bound to make these things extremely difficult to eat, especially if you choose to watch some of Dr. Pimple Popper’s videos beforehand.

See more pictures below if you can handle it. [click to continue…]


This series of “Be the Character” aprons will give you the appearance of notorious Disney villains including Maleficent, Cruella de Vil and the Evil Queen from Snow White while you cook up some summer BBQ.

With a splash of poison no doubt.

The “one size fits most” aprons are currently available for pre-order and are slated for release in August. However, if you get one, don’t be surprised if nobody wants to eat your food anymore.

Check out the rest of the villains series below. [click to continue…]


Astonishing Studios is continuing their work on unique LEGO vending machines with this Pizza Hut version, which dispenses personal pan pizzas.

A customer deposits cash which is read and counted by a light sensor. When a total of $5 has been inserted, a pizza is released, as is .71 in change.

As cool as this is, it is obviously not intended for high volume use, as evidenced by the fact that it only holds two pies and $1.42 in change.

See it in action in the video below. [click to continue…]


North Carolina classics Krispy Kreme and Cheerwine are flipping the script on their previous Cheerwine-infused donut with a donut-flavored soda.

Cheerwine’s normal cherry flavor will be enhanced with a “flavorful hint of Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed doughnut” in a beverage dubbed “Cheerwine Kreme”.

One customer described the taste as “not bad”, while another said that he neither loved nor hated it. The drink is currently available only in select North Carolina, South Carolina and Savannah, GA locations.

(Mashable via Consumerist)


Thanks to the head chef at Burnt Crumbs in Orange County, CA, people on the west coast no longer have to face the vexing problem of choosing between spaghetti and grilled cheese. The “Spaghetti Grilled Cheese Sandwich” simply combines the two into a creation that quickly spread across social media.

Unfortunately, the $9 sandwich isn’t available nationwide, so you’ll have to do some kitchen experimentation or drool over the pictures and video below. [click to continue…]


Vegan café Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne, Australia is offering a blue latte which has been appropriately dubbed the “Smurf Latte”.

The drink contains lemon, ginger agave and coconut milk, and gets its hue from a teaspoon of something called E3 live blue algae powder – whatever that is.

The taste has been described as quite sweet and “soury”, although it’s difficult to pin down because everyone seems to describe it differently.

Even though the Smurf Latte is not officially on the cafe’s menu, the social media attention has resulted in loads of orders. That’s not surprising since it’s a proven fact that changing the color of food is a surefire way to draw attention.

Check out additional pics below. [click to continue…]


Someone has figured out the key to make cliché food porn on Instagram great again, and his name is Popeye the foodie pup.

This rescue mutt from Los Angeles is the star of an Instagram account that sees him paired up with fattening edible awesomeness from pizza and bacon to burgers. As you’ll see in the additional pics below, it’s also clear that he’s well behaved – ignoring the food and staring at the camera without so much as a wayward paw or a drop of drool.

Good boy. [click to continue…]


Oreos have transformed into yet another flavor. This time it’s choco chip, which is described as being a lot like Golden Oreos, but with some chocolate speckles throughout.

Buzzfeed reports that the new limited time Oreos, which are already in stores, evoke nostalgia for cookies of days gone by, while the taste has been compared to Cookie Crisp cereal, birthday cake and nothing (but in a “comforting way”).

(via Buzzfeed)

shark tea bag

Daisho Fishery Company came up with the brilliant idea to reshape tea bags into mini sharks that “bleed” when steeped in hot water.

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The red color is provided by the bag’s blend of rosehip and hibiscus, and the product is currently the focus of a crowdfunding campaign aimed at raising 1,000,000 yen.

If they make it into production, these will no doubt be the perfect way to compliment a Jaws marathon or Shark Week.

Check out the video below. [click to continue…]