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As reported previously, the Loch Ness Monster exists… and it was created by OTOTO Designs as a kitchen ladle. Now the company is bringing Nessie’s mother into the world – and she’s a colander. Dubbed “Mamma Nessie”, she’s unique as well as practical, putting her four stubby legs to use keeping the colander in an upright position while you cook.

Mamma Nessie won’t be released for a few weeks, but you can pre-order now in turquoise or green colors.

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minion toy

McDonald’s is under fire for its new Minion Happy Meal toy which appears to say “What the f*ck?!” whenever it’s turned on and tapped. So what the f*ck happened? The fast food chain responded by saying that “Minions speak ‘Minionese,’ which is a random combination of languages and nonsense words.”

McDonald’s also told THR that the Caveman Minion is actually saying: “para la bukay,” “hahaha,” and “eh eh.”

Check out the NSFW demonstration after the jump and decide for yourself.

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To honor the character known as Kirimi-chan, whose head is a giant piece of salmon, Japanese companies Pucco and Sanrio teamed up to create salted-salmon chewy candy. The limited edition offering features a gray color to mimic salmon skin and the addition of salmon flakes to its center. But rather than acting as a ipecac, the candy has been described as having an orange flavor and only “hints of fish”, while others described it as sweet and mild.

Whatever the case, most purchases will most likely be the result of curiosity rather than any sort of appetizing appeal.

Check out the equally weird promotional video after the break…

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Australian YouTuber “The Simple Cooking Channel” has taken to the net to teach us all how to make a Rainbow Piñata Cake that is stuffed, and topped, with gummy bears. The process is described as surprisingly easy, requiring only cake mix, food coloring, frosting, and mounds of gummy bears.

Check out the step by step after the break.

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pop art pancakes

YouTuber “Tiger Tomato” creates pop culture pancakes like the Sonic version pictured above using standard pancake mix (with added water), food coloring and raw talent. The perfectly even tones are reportedly the result of using low heat – only turning it up at the end of the creative process to get a fully cooked result.

TigerTomato has created a bevy of edible breakfast art including Pikachu, Adventure Time characters, and even My Little Pony’s Rainbow Dash.

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Etsy seller ThickandThinDesigns is offering these Tentacle Cupcake Toppers in sets of 12, each set containing four different designs. The acrylic creations are shatter resistant, durable, cleanable and reusable as well as customizable – the seller providing the options of different colors and sizes as well as packs of 6 or an entire pack of one design.

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Furniture design company Yard Sale Project has created this unique Cubrick cabinet that spins open, making dish and wine bottle access akin to a magic trick.

The cabinet is made from wood with brass handles and comes in a variety of colors, as well as 12, 16 or 20 box configurations. It is also great for small spaces, as its dimensions are the same whether it is open or closed.

However, any practicality the design may have is destroyed by the prices, which start at $7,000 – making the Cubrick something you will look at and say “that’s pretty cool” while you wait for IKEA to make something similar.

Check out a video demonstration after the jump.

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cheap sushi

Professional Sushi chef Yoya Takahashi from Los Angeles restaurant Hamasaku recently took some time to review inexpensive sushi from 7 Eleven, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Walgreens, and SushiStop. You probably already know where this is going, but the worst of the worst may surprise you.

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If fairs have taught us anything, it’s that pretty much anything can be fried, put on a stick and sold for an absorbent price. In that spirit, the folks at Peep My Eats created this deep fried Big Mac that was made by coating the burger with eggs, covering it with breadcrumbs, and dipping it in the deep fat fryer and impaling it on a stick for quick and easy food porn.

Check out a video of of this abomination being birthed into the world after the break…

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corner protectors

If you want to make your table corners kid friendly and simultaneously adorable, then check out these animal-shaped corner protectors. Applied with simple double sided tape, they will prevent the bruises and inevitable fits of swearing that come with banging any part of your body on a corner. They will also make it look like the surface is being consumed by a cat, bear and frog who bit off way more than they could chew.

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