Jonathan Fallon

You’re not getting drunk—you’re conducting a very important chemistry experiment. [click to continue…]

NYC-based eatery Pop Pasta has combined the popular Neapolitan spaghetti pie with an American donut to create a new frankenfood aptly referred to as the spaghetti donut. [click to continue…]

French chef Cédric Grolet has put a fun spin on the petit four by stacking the tiny cakes into edible Rubik’s Cubes. [click to continue…]

As part of a promotional stunt to attract Germans to Mexico, The Mexico Tourism Board teamed up with creative agency LAPIZ to create a man-made cloud that actually rains tequila. [click to continue…]

Nothing signals the return of spring like the annual swarm of cherry blossom/sakura-related offerings that spread across Japan. This year foodies will be able to partake in a new thin-crust pizza topped with cherry blossom cotton candy and honey-ginger sauce. [click to continue…]

A team of researchers from several American universities have authored a study that could eventually see spinach used in heart surgery. [click to continue…]

Brandeis University biophysicist Daniel Perlman has channeled his knowledge into tackling one of the biggest problems in human history: the dripping wine bottle. [click to continue…]

This may look and function like a typical RC dump truck, but it is in fact an edible creation from Pandora Cake Shop of Hong Kong.

Additional details are virtually non-existent, but it has been reported that the entire truck is edible with the exception of the motor and frame. If you’re having trouble believing it, check out the video below and prepare to be amazed. [click to continue…]

Polish company Wealth Solutions and Swiss watchmaker Louis Moinet have found an new way to separate rich people from their money, and it involves adding a single drop of the world’s oldest whiskey to a $45,000 timepiece. [click to continue…]

If you love grilled cheese sandwiches and are willing to stretch the definition of the word “cake”, then this recipe is for you. [click to continue…]