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When it comes to ice cream, Häagen-Dazs knows what they’re doing. But Häagen-Dazs Japan will be unveiling two new types of ice cream on May 12, and I’m not too sure how this is going to pan out.

As part of their “Spoon Vege” series, Häagen-Dazs Japan will release “Tomato Cherry” and “Carrot Orange” flavors. Now when I think ice cream, veggies rarely come to mind. But the combination of tomato and cherry, as well as combining citrus with carrot, sounds somewhat refreshing, if a little unusual. On a good note, the ice creams will contain only 8.5 percent milk fat, which is a little over half what most Häagen-Dazs ice cream usually use.

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While I tend to shy away from Krispy Kremes in general (I mean, it’s tough to eat just one!), the company’s latest creation is a little hard to resist. In Japan, Krispy Kreme chains are unveiling the Doughnut Ice Cream Sundae.

There are two types that will be offered: a caramel and yogurt version, which features a doughnut covered with ice cream and sprinkled with caramel corn, toasted almonds and yogurt (the non-frozen variety), and a “healthier” version which features yogurt, blueberry sauce and granola toppings. The sundaes will be available in July.

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Natalie of Sideserf Cake Studio made this so-called “Unicorn Farting Rainbow” cake, and despite the “farty” nature of the sweet treat, it actually looks pretty fantastic. The level of detail is impressive: I mean, doesn’t the unicorn look a little relieved to you? Now that’s art right there.

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Knowing the former King Robert, his house drink would’ve most likely been anything that had alcohol in it, but Critical Hit Cocktails came up with a boozy beverage in honor of the tubby deceased ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Remember to cry out the Baratheon words (“Ours is the fury!”) before you down this rather potent drink.

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This ancient, six-ounce Deku Flask features the legendary Kokiri symbol, which carries a powerful spell that will keep you safe from both bodily injury and a pointy-stabby death while journeying throughout Hyrule… but it also does a wonderful job of keeping your alcohol safe too!

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Space is hostile, cold, and entirely unforgiving. If you’re a marshmallow Peep, it’s one of the worst places you can be. (Well, save for a microwave oven, but that’s beside the point).

Phil Plait had a little science-y fun at the Texas A&M’s Physics and Engineering Festival when he replicated the results of what would happen to a Peep that had unfortunately fallen victim to the vacuum of space.

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R2-D2 is one very advanced droid: he can navigate an X-wing, patch into the Death Star’s super computer and, surprisingly, break down into a bunch of nifty measuring cups.

There are four measuring cups and four measuring spoons in all. Just remember, this officially licensed Lucasfilm product is highly sought after by chefs of the Empire, so act fast, and don’t tell those stormtroopers nothin’.

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