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A cross between a side table and a TV tray, C-Tables are perfect for watching TV and snacking at the same time. The Homemadee Game Guru is a big Attack on Titan fan, so he made himself a fun AoT-themed table so he could watch his re-runs and snack comfortably at the same time. Oh, and did I mention that that the table is made entirely from cardboard and glue? He even waterproofed it to protect against spills.

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candy sushi

I have a pretty gnarly sweet tooth, so when I saw these candy sushi I nearly took a bite out of my computer screen. Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe in NYC specializes in unique sweet treats, including candy sushi like the ones pictured here.

The shop also offers candy sushi-making classes, and the shop’s sushi expert Lee Manne recently gave Cosmopolitan a quick lesson on how to make ‘em using sugary snacks like Swedish Fish and Marshmallow Fluff. You can check out the tutorial here.

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Everybody loves spaghetti and meatballs, right? Well, there is one downside to the dish–you can’t exactly eat it on the go. Not to worry, because Los Angeles-based eatery The Carving Board has just solved that particular dilemma with their Spaghetti Meatballwich.

The sandwich features buns made from spaghetti along with meatballs and gooey mozzarella. Honestly, how amazing does that look?

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bacon stanley cup

Montreal-based Bar Brutus recently came up with a fun (and delicious) tribute to Canada’s favorite sport. The bar made a Stanley Cup-style trophy made entirely out of bacon. It looks like a real winner to me and, as you will see after the break, the NHL agrees.

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enhanced-21592-1428941163-1 copy

Say hello (or bonjour) to the Poutine Tornado. Josh Elkin, one of the culinary geniuses from Epic Meal Time, is behind this magnificent creation which utilizes a large russet potato, Quebec cheese curds and brown gravy.

If you’d like all of the details on how it was made, head on over to the MTL Blog.

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Forget the Iron Throne: I want to rule this Bacon Meatloaf Throne with my mouth.

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Say hello to the “Whole Damn Farm Burger.” This 2,000-calorie, 10-inch tall beauty was crafted by Splendid Kitchen in Manchester, England and it features… well, pretty much every farm animal between two buns.

We’re talking two beef patties, a fried chicken thigh, something called “bacon jam,” normal bacon, “ham chunks” and barbecued pulled pork. Geez, how do you even take a bite out of that thing?

(Daily Mail via Eater)

minions shot glasses top

I mean “drinking”.

Need a wingman? Does a minion work? This Despicable Me Minions Shot Glass pack features Dave, Tim, Stuart and Carl and they’re more than happy to help you with all your evil plans. Like, for example, imbibing a lot.

Product Page: ($8.99)

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When the Merc With A Mouth needs to relax, do you know what he does? Well… yes, he probably kills people, but I also have a feeling that he loves to kick back, unwind and eat a giant stack of pancakes while sipping a tasty adult beverage from this Deadpool flask made by Etsy seller LadyRene.

The flask is available in four different finishes, and can be personalized for free. What words would Deadpool choose?

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Sure, this 11-inch Death Star plate doesn’t have the firepower to obliterate a planet, but it does a great job of dividing your food and eliminating those pesky vegetables. Remember, the Dark Side has cookies.

Product Page: ($12.99)

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