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The brewing industry has really taken off in recent years, and it seems like every few weeks another craft beer company has some innovative take on growlers, bottles and beer vats.

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That having been said, the old-school (and rather flimsy) paper six-pack holder is still floating around. PuzzlePax is looking to change that. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this grass-roots company crafts reusable wooden six pack carriers that fit together like… well, like a puzzle. No glue or nails needed, and the company has a number of unique designs to choose from–my personal favorite is the “Beer Bear.” Ha. Bears and beer.

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Typically, Frito pies are fairly small, and they’re often served in the actual Frito chip bag. But Amy, of Oh Bite It! decided to make a pretty sizable nine-inch Frito pie uh…pie. Looks intense, right? This cheesy concoction calls for four cups of chili and two cups of cheddar–so yeah, this dish packs a lot of flavor.

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This Hobbit cake by Tartas Imposibles is definitely among the best nerdy cakes I’ve ever seen. I love how they were able to incorporate the book into the cake.

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Also, all of the little details, like the cold coins and the torn pages, make this cake a winner.

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I only recently just finished a binge marathon of the first season of Attack on Titan on Netflix, and I’m telling you, I’m hooked. It seems like I’ve got plenty time to kill before the second season’s premiere date is finally announced, so like many other AOT fans, I’m looking for something to tide me over–and thankfully there are plenty of options floating around.

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There’s the manga series of course, but there are also some other unique offerings too, including plum wine. Hajime Isayama, the artist who created the series, grew up in Oita Prefecture in Japan, which is a rural part of the island nation that’s known for its plum wine industry. Isayama isn’t one to forget his roots, and in the past he’s teamed up with Hibiki no Sato, a local plum wine manufacturer, to produce AOT-themed plum wine. The first batch was successful, so Isayama and Hibiki no Sato have paired up again on a new batch.

AOT fans can purchase a wine set that features two 500-mililiter (16.9-ounce) bottles of two different types of plum wine (the labels were drawn by Isayama specifically for the project). The set is priced at 3,780-yen (US $31.50) and will also be available for preordering starting on February 24 from Lawson, a convenience store.

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Your standard X-Wing fighter comes with it all: I’m talking proton torpedoes, an R2 unit and even a snazzy orange jumpsuit. But do you know what it doesn’t come with? A bottle opener. That’s crucial if the Death Star happens to be a beer.

It won’t be an easy mission though. There will be plenty of TIE fighter bottle openers blocking your path.

Product Page: ($15.99 / Pre-order for July 2015)


Remember when we talked about that Darth Vader toaster that toasts “Star Wars” on the side of the bread? Well, it’s finally available! Now when the Sith Lord stops by for breakfast you’ll know exactly what to serve him. Oh, by the way, you should probably skip serving him blue milk. Might remind him a bit too much of Tatooine, if you catch my drift.

Product Page: ($49.99)


What’s the best way to take down the Borg? Well, you could always fall back on impeccable tactics and battlefield bravery, but I’m pretty sure that hurling pizzas at them is the best way to go.

The shirt’s available in a wide range of sizes too. So make it so and order one!

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Sure, prohibition is over, but if you’d still like to check out a super cool (and super sneaky) “speakeasy” all you need to do is fly on over to Shanghai. There’s a sandwich shop there called The Press, and towards the back you’ll find a totally unassuming (wink, wink) Coca-Cola vending machine—yep, it’s actually a totally hush-hush, secret entrance for “Flask,” a fun and up-scale speakeasy.

The interior features a modern design with prohibition-era design elements such as vintage sofas, 25-liter whiskey bottles and old-school copper-colored lights. The architect who designed the bar, Alberto Caiola, noted:

the fun, lighthearted feel, the bright colors and lighting [in The Press] —within a few steps, these elements segue into a mysterious space with warm, muted lighting and the murmurs of bar patrons to invite further curiosity.

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Untitled 2 copy

For one thing, he’s made from a taco, which are better than Pop-Tarts hands down. Second, he’s TACOCAT whether you spell his name backwards or forwards.

Indeed, Singer-songwriter Parry Gripp and animator Nathan Mazur created an animated music video about a taco cat that’s appropriately named “TACOCAT.” So, yeah.

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taco toaster

We wouldn’t recommend putting tortillas in a regular toaster, but this taco shell toaster is designed to handle the job. Basically, you pop corn or flour tortillas into the toaster, and it transforms them into hard taco shells.

It can be a handy little tool if the soft shell tacos at the grocery store can be had cheaper than the ready-made hard shell versions.

Product Page: ($30 via Gizmodo)