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Some superheroes concentrate on saving the world and beating up bad guys. But the legendary Sandwich Defender has an ever higher calling.

Esty seller jimbobart is a talented illustrator who’s based in the United Kingdom. Woodland creatures with a whimsical twist seem to be a favorite theme–as noted by the bear/superhero plate depicted above. There’s plenty more where that came from in his shop.

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An artist and natural sciences student named Francesca started a shop called Inspirational Gecko, and it carries a wide range of her unique artistic creations. It’s loaded with cute felt brooches, phone cases, keychains and more. She recently created a series of food-shaped felt bookmarks, when you can take a look at after the break.

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Do you know how much food we as a nation throw out annually? About a third, which adds up to roughly 730 football stadiums each year. Since the 1970s, that number has actually climbed by 50 percent. Meanwhile, millions of Americans go hungry each day.

So, what’s our problem? During the most recent episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver set out to answer this question. Check it out after the break…

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Fans of Tim Burton’s take on Alice in Wonderland will undoubtedly love this cake. It’s the work of Galia Hristova and the details are pretty astounding to say the least.

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Toru Yamashito, a blacksmith from Japan, created a series of beautiful, high-carbon steel utility knives that just happen to be shaped like whales. As you’ll see after the break, the knives are made to look like five different types of whales (I think the humpback is my favorite!). They’re actually utility knives, which means that they can be used for just about any daily task ranging from opening letters to dicing up some apples.

Kujira Whale Knives are hand forged Multi Purpose Utility knives that have a Virgin High Carbon White Steel #2 inner core with a “Kurouchi” Black Forged finish and handle. Famed for their playful and imaginative whale shaped handles and their durable edge retentive blades these unique knives are sure to be a conversation piece.

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Our nation’s standards for healthy school meals aren’t exactly the greatest, which is why this parody video by Funny or Die and the American Heart Association really hits home.

During the video, Nick Offerman gives us a tour of his fast food farm, where he harvests a wide assortment of sun-kissed pizzas, taquitos and fish sticks.

Humor aside, the video’s purpose is to help to spread awareness about the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which aims improve nutrition standards for school meals.

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For a moment, you might think that this cake from Estrele Cakes was a classic (but beautiful) four-tiered wedding cake. But once you turn it around, you’ll see that that the back of the cake features a fun SpongeBob scene.

I have to say, these surprise/compromise cakes are quickly becoming our favorite kind of wedding cake.

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This watermelon shark fruit bowl is easy to make, and it’ll definitely serve as a conversation piece for a Shark Week party–I mean how could a watermelon shark not turn a few heads?

Instructables user Mike Warren came up with the design for the bowl, and there are a number of cool details that he added in for fun. For example, the blue jello makes it look like the shark is rising out of the water, and he tossed in a few gummy fish for good measure.

If you’d like to learn how to make the bowl, head on over to Instructables.

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Ayaka Matsuno recently whipped up a batch of retro nerdy cookies that are pretty flippin’ stellar. She made cookie versions of Game Boy cartridges, cassette tapes and even a little Super Famicom game console that’s hooked up to a TV-shaped cookie.

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chainmail can sleeve

Before you start a long and dangerous quest, you’re going to have to armor up. And nothing is more important than protecting your beer.

This Chainmail Can Sleeve can slide onto both a can or bottle of brew, and the armor will keep it safe from accidental falls, overly aggressive cheers and even arrows. Well, maybe not arrows, but you get my point.

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