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Are you a big fan of desserts that are both salty and sweet? Then you’ll definitely dig Amy of Oh Bite It’s latest concoction: Ruffles Krispie Treats! They’re packed with tons of butter, marshmallows and salty chips.

Head on over to Oh Bite It for more pics and the full recipe.

nachostick copy

There is a food war raging in ballparks across America, and the latest shot has been fired by the Milwaukee Brewers. Fans will have the chance to enjoy “Inside The Park Nachos” on a stick at their beloved Miller Park this season. The snack item will feature a stick of beef packed with refried beans, which is then rolled in Doritos and deep fried. The stick can then be served with sour cream, cheese and what little dignity you have left.

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Other food items that will be available at the park this upcoming season include the Miller Park Bratchos (meaty nachos) and the Down Wisconsin Avenue Brat, which is an 18-inch bratwurst that’s slathered in gravy, cheese curds, cheese sauce, fried sauerkraut, chives, sour cream, jalapeños and French fries. Wow.

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If you owned this Beer Engine bike by the Hogs Back Brewery, you could take the pub with you wherever you go. The motorcycle was commissioned by the Surrey, UK-based brewery for a Discovery Channel competition, and it features an onboard bar and a sidecar that’s was made from an actual beer barrel.

Safe? No. Awesome? Yes.

Unfortunately, the bike was disqualified from the competition (apparently the sidecar was the issue), but the brewery still displays the bike proudly.

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Big fan of the Hulk? Then create a little homage to the angry Avenger with this plastic gelatin mold that’s shaped like the Hulk’s noggin. It stands at eight-inches tall, and it’s perfect for making Hulk-shaped Jell-O or chocolate treats.

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Do you know who loves pizza? Slimer. He’s more than happy to help you slice up that big ol’ pizza that you ordered (then steal it all for himself).

Oh, and just remember, Slimer’s a messy eater, so if you share a pie with him, there will be a mess to clean up.

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What’s the best way to start your day? By praising the sun and downing a nice cup of coffee, of course! Now all you Dark Souls fans out there can kill two birds with one eternally dammed stone with this new “Praise the Sun” coffee mug from Esty seller ZanzibarLand. It holds 11-ounces of you favorite joe, and, as far as I know, this mug will not try to kill you or harvest your soul. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a harmless mug.

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Chopping up veggies can be pretty tedious, but do you know how you can make it a little more fun? Grab one of these awesomely artistic hand-burned cutting boards from Etsy seller FrodoInWonderland.

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Who’s the number one dog in all of Ooo? That’s Jake, of course! Finn’s bestest buddy is all over this Adventure Time Stretched Jake mug, which can hold 20 ounces of your favorite caffeinated beverage. Too bad this version of Jake can’t stretch into the shape of a coffee mug the size of a swimming pool, because that’s what I really need in the morning.

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Amy of Oh Bite It! has a knack for coming up with crazy culinary concoctions. Case in point: her new cheesecake freezer lasagna. Basically, Amy combined a whole mess of graham crackers, caramel and cheesecake filling into a lasagna dish and presto!

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