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Amy of Oh Bite It figured out how to make Oreos even better. And yes, her method involves frying (of course!). Amy made doughnut holes with mini-Oreos stuffed inside. She also made a glaze from the cream inside Double-Stuf Oreos, and I have to say that the end result looks pretty enticing.

Head on over to Oh Bite It! for the full recipe.


Final bosses get a bum wrap, man. If your boss has game, consider giving this mug as a gift. Remember, like Zangief said, “you are bad guy, but this does not mean you are *bad* guy”. Right?

At any rate, this mug is definitely what I would get this guy for his birthday if I worked at Nintendo.

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The folks at Zombie Burger, a Des Moines, Iowa-based restaurant, are fans of the Human Centipede movies and decided that they would be a great inspiration for food. Naturally.

In honor of the series, the burger joint recently concocted the “Martin’s Revenge” burger–named after the bad guy in the second film, Martin Lomax–and it features a “three-piece slider bun with a different burger in each segment.”

According to dmjuice, Zombie Burger chef Tom McKern notes:

The first burger is steak with cheddar, bacon and red raw onion. The second is a burger patty with American cheese, pulled barbecue bacon and sauteed red onion. The third burger is a loose meat sandwich with house-made cheese whiz and bacon-red onion jam.

“I was trying to figure out a way to do a take on the movie through a burger,” McKern said. “I basically started with whole ingredients, and processed them down from slider to slider.”

The burger goes for $10.79, and frankly, I’m just happy the chef didn’t sew the burgers together…or include human meat.

(via The Nerdist)


Because you can’t go five minutes without using your phone, Kentucky Fried Chicken chains in Germany came up with a wacky techno-marketing gimmick that involved lining serving trays with disposable Bluetooth keyboards. Yep.

The deal here was that you could sync the keyboard (pictured above) with your phone, and then type away while you’re snacking on greasy chicken. Presumably, this would help to keep your screen clean (though wouldn’t you still have to touch your phone to wake it up or switch apps?).

It seems stupid, but stupidity sells. Apparently, the week-long campaign was so successful that all of the customers who received one felt compelled to take the keyboard home.

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If you’re aiming to make your refrigerator (or just about any metallic appliance in your kitchen) a bit more fantastical, then you should probably pick up this pack of Magical Unicorn Magnets from ThinkGeek. The magnet pack comes with three sheets of magnets, which include eight unicorns (because you can never have too many unicorns) as well as a whole mess of stars, clouds, candy, and yes, rainbows too.

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Etsy shop SickestSockCreations sells Nike Elite socks that have been printed with outlandish designs, such as this hilariously mismatched pair featuring Jif peanut butter and Smucker’s grape jelly.

Yep, these socks definitely go together like… well, you know what I was going to say.

Product Page: ($35.99)

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napokitty copy

Despite the obvious discomfort that Napo feels after receiving said brain freeze, the kitty doesn’t even hesitate to dig back into that frozen treat.

Napo is just like all of us.

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tortoisepancake copy

Ralph, Tails, George and Oz are tortoises. Generally speaking, a tortoise’s diet consists mainly of leafy greens. So, when these tiny tortoises came across some tiny pancakes in this latest Buzzfeed video, they were a bit confused. One of them even looked down right daunted. But, thankfully, the video has a happy ending, as all the tortoises realized that pancakes are, in fact, quite tasty.

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Mad culinary creator Dave Rees posted the above pic on his Facebook page and things will never been the same.

The “swineapple” is basically a pineapple that’s been hollowed-out and packed with country-style boneless ribs. He also notes that he “rubbed [the ribs] with homemade seasoning and wrapped in thick cut bacon and sprinkled with a light creole seasoning.”

Rees notes that he smoked the sucker for roughly 5 hours at an average of 240 ºF.

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Need a good landspeeder to navigate the treacherous deserts of Tatooine? Well, the X-34 is a solid choice, but I wouldn’t go with the version pictured above–mostly because it’s actually a cake.

Made by Les Gâteaux de Gilles, this particular cake features a stunning amount of detail.

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