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This cat has mastered the kneading technique necessary to make fluffy biscuits and give tiny backrubs. [click to continue…]

This is an in-game replica lunchbox from the Nuka-World DLC for Fallout 4. Inside you’ll find stickers—which is cool, but I was kind of hoping for a sandwich and a Nuka Cola (preferably not irradiated). [click to continue…]

A selection of Star Wars SDCC “exclusives” have been unveiled from Her Universe and Bioworld. I say “exclusives” because Her Universe usually sells their convention items online. We also learned back in May that the Bioworld Hoth-themed bag and accessory collection will debut at SDCC before heading to retailers.

Still, SDCC will be your first chance to snag them, and if you plan to attend, I would say that these bags and that cute AT-AT raincoat should be considered for your must have list. Check out more Star Wars SDCC fashions on Fashionably Geek

In the latest video from Binging with Babish, Andrew Rea will show you how to craft cocktails featured in classic movies like the Vesper from Casino Royale, a White Russian from The Big Lebowski, Sweet Vermouth, Rocks, with a Twist from Groundhog Day, a French 75 from Casablanca, and more. [click to continue…]

From Nerd Approved: Back in April we discovered a fangirl with an awesomely pink Star Wars bedroom. The LED Death Star wall decoration was my favorite thing about her room, and this project from EPBOT reminds me of it big time. Their version is designed to show off a Star Wars Funko Pop collection, but it could be used for all kinds of collectibles.

If you would like to try building your own color-changing Death Star shelf, head on over to EPBOT to see how it was done.

Everyone needs a good umbrella, so why not get one with a Deadpool chimichanga print and a hot sauce carrying case? Plus, it’s only $13 right now with Box Lunch’s 30% off sale. Keep telling yourself that this is a very logical, practical purchase. [click to continue…]

Step aside scratch-off lottery tickets. A bag of Cheetos might be a better bet for some quick cash. For one thing, there are plenty of wealthy idiots out there that are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on Cheetos that are shaped like things. Now, The Cheetos Museum is doling out thousands of dollars for the interesting shapes you find in bags of Flamin’ Hot or Cheesy Cheetos. [click to continue…]

Japan’s Anippon is celebrating Sonic’s 26th birthday with a pair of officially licensed, limited edition sneakers that look just like the ones Sonic wears in the games. You’ll still run slow while wearing them, but a least you’ll look good doing it. Read more on Fashionably Geek

Two years ago Oscar Mayer debuted the RC Weiner Rover, and it appears that the company has decided to expand their Weinerfleet even further. Introducing the Wienermini, Wienercycle, and the Wienerdrone. [click to continue…]

If you were bummed about not getting your hands on a NES Classic Edition, you’re going to get another chance in the form of the SNES Classic. In my opinion, the SNES mini system is far more exciting than the NES version, and the list of 21 onboard games is absolutely stellar. It even includes the unreleased Star Fox 2. Read more on Nerd Approved