6 Nerdalicious Valentine’s Day Gifts For The One You Love [Gift Guide]


We’ve pulled together a list of the most romantic geeky food gifts for Valentine’s Day. There’s something for everyone—from D20 chocolate to Star Trek wine.

See all the gifts after the break…


A box full of chocolate is a great gift, but who wants a silly red velvet heart? Instead put your favorite chocolates in this Darth Vader Rhinestone Chocolate Box ($14.32).


You won’t need champagne when you have a lovely bottle of Star Trek Wine ($24.99) to serve with dinner. You can choose from Merlot, Sangiovese, and Cabernet Franc and each has a label commemorating a different classic episode of the series.


A box of chocolate is a classic Valentine’s Day gift, but a Giant D20 Chocolate ($12.99) is even better! Each measures 2.5″ in diameter and is formed from 4 ounces of red chocolate.


Give the gift of you or your loved one, in chocolate form, with a 3D printed version of your face. Choc Edge will print your face in white, milk, or dark chocolate for between $80-$130 and all they need to do it is a photograph.


You can cook the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at home without the hassle of creating a menu and fighting the grocery store mob. Plated lets you pick a gourmet meal from a menu that changes each week and then delivers all the ingredients and instructions you need right to your door starting at $15 ($12 with membership) per plate. The Thai pork salad pictured above was created with our Editor’s own experience with the service.


Lavender soap is all well and good, but Coffee, Bacon and Whiskey Soaps ($25.99) are amazing. Your biggest problem is going to be deciding which tantalizing scent is the most likely to make your loved one happy.


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