6 Nerdy Edible Treats To Stuff Stockings With This Holiday [Gift Guide]

stocking stuffers

One of the fun things about buying gifts for people that need to fit into stockings is the idea that you pretty much get to go crazy with it because, well, it has to be fun and fit in a sock.

Which is why I’m offering this list of 6 edible gifts that will amuse, confuse, delight, and let you gift without spending a lot of money.

chocolate zombie santa

Can you really go wrong with this Chocolate Zombie Santa ($9)? Well, yeah, I guess you can if people are super serious, but it’s still Santa and it’s still chocolate, so what’s the problem here?

chocolate gaming dice

I’m not suggesting you try to actually play D & D with these Chocolate Gaming Dice ($4.79), but it’s still a fun little morsel to drop on a friend who likes dice and chocolate. Plus, there’s more than one, so they might share.

bah humbug candy cane

There’s always that one guy who’s all “meh” about something. So, hook them up with this Bah Humbug Candy Cane ($5). It’s colorless, flavorless and just as “meh” as they are, while still being holiday related. Heck, it’s literary, too!

sriracha candy canes

Considering Sriracha may be in short supply soon, giving these Sriracha Candy Canes ($7.99) may be the equivalent of giving someone a serious collector’s item. On second thought, maybe you should keep these for yourself.


It’s like Pop Rocks, but bacon. Sizzling Bacon Candy ($3). I don’t need to say anything else, right?

blue sky candy

You’re always going to have that one TV buff who loves getting stuff related to their favorite show. That’s why I suggest this Blue Sky Candy ($13). Walter White himself couldn’t make anything this pretty for the price and it’ll help with their breath after all the holiday drinking.


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