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Bacon Crisis: US Supply Hits Its Lowest Level In 50 Years


According to US Department of Agriculture data, America’s supply of bacon is at its lowest point since 1957 due to the world’s insatiable desire for cured meat perfection.

So stop making bacon thrones.

The country’s supply of frozen pork belly dropped from 3.4 million pounds in December 2015 to 17.8 million pounds in December 2016 – despite the fact that pig farmers are producing more pigs than ever before.

The Ohio Pork Council cites increased demand outside the US, which is causing reserves to deplete and prices to increase. In fact, the cost of pork belly already shot up 20% in January, and bacon prices are expected to follow.

The good news is that the industry is not expected to run out completely – but you will likely need to increase your bacon budget.

(OCJ via USA Today)

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