Beer and Bacon Battered Deep Fried Doritos

Nick from DudeFoods was never in the mood for the bags of Doritos that accompanied his Meal Deals from Taco Bell. After amassing a cabinet full of unappreciated tortilla chips, he decided to hook them up with beer, bacon batter and his deep fryer:

“For my beer and bacon batter I used the exact same recipe that I used when I made deep fried bacon and deep fried White Castle sliders, which pretty much just involves mixing equal parts flour and beer and then tossing in some diced bacon pieces. I was a little worried that the Doritos would lose their crunch after being deep fried, but they didn’t seem to at all. The hot oil also caused the batter to expand around the chips a little bit, so they sort of ended up looking like little puff pastries.”

As for the taste, Nick said they were “probably ten times better” than he originally thought.

(via DF)


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