Celebrate National Hot Dog Month With These Extreme Dogs [Featured]


(Mega Meat Dogs via Three Dogs BBQ)

There’s no wrong time to ever enjoy a good, old-fashioned hot dog but there is also never a wrong time to explore creative possibilities with the classic food. In fact, July is probably the best month to let your hot dog dreams loose since its National Hot Dog Month!

What better time is there to go a little extreme with your dog or maybe show off your geeky side and add a pop culture theme to your food? After the break see some of the most intense hot dogs that you can try making to celebrate this doggone month!

Hawaiian Hot Dog


(via That’s so Michelle)

Cheesy Mashed Potato Hot Dog

(via Smoked ‘N Grilled)

The Captain Phillips Hostage Sausage Dog


Photo by Will Levitt. (Under the Egg via Serious Eats)

Gyro Dog


(via That’s so Michelle)

French Fry Coated Hot Dog On a Stick


(via The Last Appetite)

The American Hustle Mob Dog


Photo by Will Levitt. (Under the Egg via Serious Eats)

Barbecue Frito Crunch Dog


(via Chow)

Guacamole Bacon Dogs


(via justJenn


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