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10 Ridiculous Super Bowl Party Gadgets [Featured]

I am a fanatical Giants fan. My father got me watching the games with him at the beginning of the 86-87 season and by the time they got to the Super Bowl that year I was already hooked for life. Whenever they reach the big game we always throw a huge party, so we’re already hard at work making plans. If you had told me a month ago that the Giants weren’t really a bunch of bums, I would have planned ahead and ordered up some of these absurd gadgets to make the party even more fun.

The Grill Sergeant Apron
The Super Bowl is coming. Time to lock and load your Grill Sergeant tactical apron and get cooking. Condiments? Check. Grilling utensils? Check. Six rounds of beer? Check. All right soldier, here’s your burger. Remember — there are many like it, but this one is yours. Here’s a beer. You may fire until drunk. $19.99 — Perpetual Kid via That’s Nerdalicious

Porta-Pizza oven
This 12V portable pizza oven plugs right into your dashboard, making it perfect for tailgating … or sustaining yourself until the fire department comes with the Jaws of Life. $36 — Stupididiotic

Football cocktail shaker
This cocktail shaker is the ideal way to make mixed drinks for your Super Bowl party. Just fill the steel shaker inside the foam-covered football with your ingredients of choice then toss it around to your friends until ready. Booze, running and flying cocktail shakers — what could go wrong? $16.62 — Amazon via Nerd Approved

Brewsees sunglasses
No need to pack a bottle opener for your tailgate this time around because Brewsees sunglasses give you double the functionality with a metal-reinforced opener behind each ear. So now you can literally blame your indiscretions on a bad case of beer goggles. $29.99 — Brewsees via That’s Nerdalicious

Blacktop 360 grill
The Blacktop 360 is the Swiss Army Knife of grills. It’s portable and features a 20-ounce deep fryer surrounded by a griddle, warming plate and infrared grill that can heat your meat up to 650 degrees. Small propane canisters are all you need to get cooking. $249.99 — Blacktop 360 via That’s Nerdalicious

Human organ cooler
Whenever I’m on the grill for a big cookout, I often set aside a few beers, sauces and the like in a small portable cooler so they are always at arm’s length. This human organ transplant lunch cooler fits the bill while insuring that nobody goes snooping around inside. It also works great as a theft deterrent in the office break room — except when you’re an EMT. $20 —ThinkGeek via That’s Nerdalicious

Potato chip wand
I’m going to need my fingers to be grease-free so that I can use my smartphone to furiously tweet about the ridiculous holding penalties on the Giants. The answer to this dilemma is this chip-holding hand wand from Japan. It delicately holds your chips and helps you bring them cleanly to your mouth. How have we lived so long without this groundbreaking product? Price not available — Takaratomy via Nerd Approved

Beer pouch sweat shirt
In addition to grease-free fingers, I’ll also need my hands free from time to time to deliver a well-timed high five when Victor Cruz converts on a crucial first down. Thankfully, a hoodie exists that allows you to store your beer like a boozy kangaroo baby. $29.99 to $34.99 — Vat19 via Fashionably Geek

Brass knuckles meat tenderizer
One way that I can take out my frustrations when the Giants get stuffed on third-and-one is to tenderize meat for the grill with these specially designed brass knuckles. Thanks to their lackluster running game, my steak will be delicious. $9.95 — CoolStuffExpress via That’s Nerdalicious

Beer Froster fridge
When it comes to determining whether or not a beer is cold, your hand is woefully obsolete. But don’t rely on cold-activated bottles to aid you in the quest for the perfectly chilled beer — step up your game with a Beer Froster fridge. It holds the temperature at a frosty 24 degrees at all times — the coldest beer can get without freezing. $599 to $2,800 —Beerfroster viaThat’s Nerdalicious

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