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72,000 Bottles Of Beer In The Museum, 72,000 Bottles of Beer!

Take one down and pass it around, 72…ah f*ck it. Let’s just pile on and destroy the the whole thing.

That’s just what happened to Cyprien Gaillard’s beer pyramid at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin. But the great thing was that Galillard invited vistors to get smashed on the beer as part of the exhibit. Naturally, there was a pretentious reason for all of this that extended far beyond a bunch of dudes getting drunk.

The cardboard boxes filled with bottles form the even steps of the pyramid. By using the monument – by climbing the sculpture and drinking the beer – its destruction is already initiated. The barbaric removal of single architectural elements that have been transported from their original location to Berlin, embodies both the concept of displacement and a tourist colonialism.

Despite the geographic origin of alcohol often being of great importance to the consumer, the provenience seems to become more and more unimportant, as its consumption increases. Along the lines of the gradual destruction of the sculpture the alcohol gradually dispels and destroys both body and mind.

Whothewhatnowbraincells? Did somebody say something about free beer at the museum?

(Frame via Fast Company/Image by anna.k.o.)


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